Disable Ask for Location Prompts in Google Chrome

Disable Ask for Location Prompts in Google Chrome

By julianapardogonzalez

Have you ever wondered how to stop the Google Chrome browser from repeatedly asking for permission to “know your location”? Well, here we are going to teach you to step by step how to set that. 

Even when the principal idea of putting your location on, is to know you as a client to offer you a better service, more personalized… Not all people are comfortable knowing that strangers know where they are located. So, to disable the location prompts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome setting tab, and select “Privacy and security
  2. With this tab open, choose the “Site Settings” option.
  3. In Site Setting, tap “Location”.
    • When you open it, the Location option appears, a description of how Google Chrome manages this information and gives you the alternative to decide what you want.
  4. If you really do not want that a stranger know your location, tap on  “Don’t allow sites to see your location” 

Congratulations! Chrome will not ask you about your location when requested by websites again. 

Once you are in the Configuration, take the opportunity to update and customize Google Chrome as you like. Maybe disable all the notifications? Here is how!

Disable all notifications

To go further and disable all notifications, go to Chrome settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings.

  1. Search and scroll until finding the option “Notifications
  2. With the tab open, search “Default behavior”.
    • Here show up 3 possible alternatives: “Site can ask to send notifications”, “Use quieter messaging” or “Don’t allow sites to send notifications
    • The second option means that sites are blocked from interrupting you when they ask to send notifications. 
  3. In these cases, because we are speaking to disable ALL the notifications, Select “Don’t allow sites to send notifications”.
    • Remember, this means that all the web pages that need notifications would not work.

Be wise with the information we have just shared with you. Remember that “With great power comes great responsibility“. And if you disable all the settings in Google Chrome, you may end up damaging the browser instead of safeguarding your privacy and visibility (with the visual pollution that can be caused by web page notifications).


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