Interview with Paolo Baldo Luchini, CEO of Worklet

Interview with Paolo Baldo Luchini, CEO of Worklet

Interview with Paolo Baldo Luchini, CEO of Worklet, a startup that builds any type of software based on customer requirements, with a strong emphasis on quality and personalization.

What is the best way to create a successful app? Nowadays many people ask themselves this question and in most cases the common thought is to hire a freelance developer to realize their idea. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple, and while there is no shortage of outstanding ideas, only a small percentage of those who start and finish an app succeed. At this point you may be wondering: “How can I develop a successful app?”. That is why I am going to tell you about Worklet, a startup that will put your ideas into action by producing any type of software while putting a heavy emphasis on quality and personalization.

What is Worklet?

Worklet is an innovative startup that can develop any type of software and provides a high-quality service to help you implement your ideas in a concrete and practical way. With the Worklet team, you will be guided step by step, through a careful analysis of problems and business processes, to achieve your goals! 

Whether you want to develop a mobile app, an e-commerce or something else, don’t worry, Worklet’s developers will bring your ideas and initiatives to life through meetings and support tools.

If you want to know more about this innovative startup, read the interview with Paolo Baldo Luchini, CEO of Worklet.

Hi Paolo, it’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the time you are dedicating to us. Tell us a little bit more about Worklet

How and when was the idea for Worklet born?

Worklet SRL was born from an idea of three friends. We met at the Apple Developer Academy during our three-year Computer Engineering program, and we worked together on a number of projects. During these years we had the opportunity to work in the same team several times. We could see right away that our partnership was harmonious because of these first initiatives. For this reason, we decided to team up and form Worklet Srl with the goal of overseeing the design, development, and digital marketing of software products from beginning to end. Our goal is to create the firm of our dreams from that point forward.

How did you launch your startup? Did you make use of crowdfunding campaigns?

In 2019, we launched an app called Trice on the App Store and Play Store aimed at tracking and saving money on Amazon products. Today Trice has 30,000+ downloads on iOS and Android and 1,000,000+ products tracked on Amazon. 

Thanks to Trice, we realized the huge potential hidden behind the world of software development, our ability to stand out and the team’s affinity and understanding.

Trice was the first true supporter of Worklet, and he also provided a significant contribution in terms of entrepreneurial abilities, which is why we chose to bootstrap.

What are the steps you take with clients, to achieve their projects?

Our strategy follows a set of well-defined phases aimed at finding the best answer for the client’s requirements. There are four steps to follow:

  • We start with a requirements analysis done through meetings, online meetings or simple calls with the client to better understand the idea. Starting from these, internally we carry out a careful analysis aimed at defining the objectives to be achieved and the roadmap to be followed. 
  • The second step is the realization of the first prototype “pen and paper”. This step is necessary to verify if the specifications have been understood by our team. Once we receive the approval for the prototype from the client, we realize the design of the project.
  • At this point we start with the actual development. The technical aspect undoubtedly characterizes the heart of our activity. The process is carried out incrementally through direct collaboration with the client. Whether web or mobile, we always choose the technology that best fits the idea proposed during the requirements analysis. 
  • Finally, we move on to the release only after receiving the client’s final consent, as well as thorough analysis and testing. A project’s post-release period is always the most sensitive. We always provide a free first year of assistance and support since we are confident in the quality of the generated items.

Your industry has a lot of competition. What innovative features do you offer?

With a touch of presumption, we believe we can assert that quality, efficiency, and dependability are our biggest assets. Everything we create is put through rigorous quality checks, ensuring that the end user receives top-notch software. The technologies we employ provide us with innovation. The technical knowledge in cross-platform is what allows us to produce high-quality products at cheap pricing. React Native and Flutter are the two most popular technologies in the app world. As a company, we clearly place a strong emphasis on research, developing cutting-edge packages and libraries to improve the software ecosystem.

These choices allow us to simplify the updates and maintenance of our products, always ensuring an excellent operation on all new platforms.

Future developments?

Worklet now describes itself as an IT consulting company. The reasons for this decision are targeted at “gathering fuel” for our long-term goals.

Trivia: Worklet, the name in itself is very evocative. Any curiosity about the final choice? 

In computer science, “Worklet” has many different meanings. The meaning of “Worklet” in the React Native universe is one of the reasons we chose this name. There, a “Worklet” is nothing more than a particular JavaScript function that can run on the application’s main thread (rather than the JavaScript thread).

If used correctly, this feature greatly improves the app’s performance. This concept in a business key represents exactly who we are: a team that maximizes the performance of its products by leveraging communication.


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