Interview with Sabre: Driving the Future of Travel with Innovative Solutions

Interview with Sabre: Driving the Future of Travel with Innovative Solutions

By auroraoddi

Sabre is a renowned software and technology company that powers the global travel industry. Founded in 1960 as a joint venture between American Airlines and IBM to create the world’s first computerized airline reservation system, Sabre has since revolutionized the way people travel. With a history spanning over 60 years, Sabre has become a milestone in the travel ecosystem, offering innovative solutions for airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other industry partners.

The Technology Powering Travel

Sabre is the brains behind numerous travel solutions, including mobile apps, airport check-in kiosks, online booking sites, reservation networks for airlines and hotels, travel agent terminals, and many more. Positioned at the heart of the travel ecosystem, Sabre’s platform enables customers to connect people with meaningful experiences in their lives. Thanks to Sabre’s technology, travelers can efficiently and conveniently book flights, find hotels, rent cars, and leverage many other travel solutions.

Partners and Future Goals

Sabre collaborates with airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other industry partners to provide high-quality travel solutions. With a future-oriented vision, Sabre is committed to becoming the leading global technology platform in the travel industry. Currently, Sabre is investing in a technological revolution that will create a personalized travel marketplace based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time data, and analytics.

The company aims to offer personalized and innovative travel solutions to its customers. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sabre can improve the operational efficiency of its customers, increase their revenue, and provide personalized travel experiences. Sabre’s goal is to create a cloud-based travel environment where real-time data and analysis are used to offer highly customized services to travelers.

Sabre’s Commitment

Sabre considers its partnerships with customers, partners, and travelers as fundamental to the company’s success. Sabre’s primary goal is to provide advanced technological solutions that meet the needs of its customers and deliver memorable travel experiences to travelers. Sabre is committed to working closely with its customers to understand their specific requirements and provide tailor-made solutions that enhance their business and service to their customers.

The Interview with Paola De Filippo, CEO of Sabre Italy

We interviewed Paola De Filippo, CEO of Sabre Italy, to delve into the functions of this innovative company.

Q: With roots dating back to the 1960s, how would you describe Sabre’s evolution since then and the role it plays in the travel industry today?

A: Sabre was born in the 1960s as a joint venture between American Airlines and IBM to revolutionize airline reservation management through automation. Since then, it has transformed into one of the leading global technology platforms for travel. Sabre’s advancements have directly benefited the end passenger by simplifying the booking process, offering different travel options, and optimizing operations. Today, Sabre is crucial in ensuring that travel remains a seamless experience for everyone.

Q: Sabre is known for powering a wide range of travel solutions, including mobile apps. What are some of the recent technological innovations and solutions that Sabre has introduced to enhance the traveler’s experience and streamline the work of airlines, hotels, and travel agencies?

A: Sabre has launched innovative solutions such as Sabre Red 360 and GetThere. These platforms and tools prioritize the end traveler’s experience by offering intuitive interfaces, extensive travel options, and automation. For passengers, this translates into simpler bookings and personalized experiences. Furthermore, with Sabre’s emphasis on sharing essential information through its platforms, passengers with disabilities can expect their specific needs to be met, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored travel experience.

Q: Sabre is investing in a technological revolution to create a personalized travel marketplace based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Could you share some insights into current or upcoming initiatives that aim to realize this vision and how they will change the travel landscape?

A: Sabre is investing deeply in technological innovation to improve the traveler’s journey. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sabre aims to predict the relevance, timeliness and likelihood of deals converting beyond the initial booking stage. This is achieved by analyzing a range of data points, from past purchase behavior to traveler preferences. In the future, travelers can expect Sabre to offer customized post-booking offers such as seat upgrades, insurance, and lounge access. In addition, during travel, Sabre could introduce self-service management for travel disruptions, on-demand concierge services, and customized excursion offerings. Alerts for situations such as political unrest or health warnings could also be integrated. After travel, Sabre’s focus on automation in review collection could further refine their services, ensuring an even more personalized experience for future bookings.

Q: How is artificial intelligence contributing to improving the operational efficiency of customers and providing more personalized travel experiences?

A: AI enables Sabre to analyze vast datasets to predict relevance and personalize offerings. Passengers benefit from more efficient bookings, better travel suggestions, and an overall smoother travel experience.

Q: One of your stated goals is to create a cloud-based travel environment. Could you elaborate on how this transition to the cloud will enhance travel solutions and accessibility for travelers and your partners?

A: Transitioning to the cloud empowers Sabre with speed, scalability, and data accessibility. For the end passenger, this means quicker booking processes, real-time updates, and improved travel experiences. Additionally, the cloud ensures that crucial data, such as the specific needs of all passengers, is easily accessible, guaranteeing they receive the necessary accommodations and care during their travels.

Q: Sabre is known for collaborating with various sectors within the travel industry. What opportunities do you see in expanding into new sectors or forging new collaborations that could lead to further innovations and improvements in travel services?

A: Sabre’s collaborations, such as the one with Google, demonstrate their commitment to continuous innovation. By expanding collaborations, Sabre can integrate newer technologies and services, further enhancing the travel landscape for all stakeholders, including travelers, airlines, and agencies.