Italy Says STOP to ChatGPT!

Italy Says STOP to ChatGPT!

By auroraoddi

Italian Privacy Authority Limits OpenAI’s Data Processing in Italy and Imposes Risk of 20 Million Euro Fine. ChatGpt Service May Soon Be Inaccessible to Italian Users.

Italian Privacy Regulator Raises Alarm Over Personal Data Security Risks and Limited Access

On March 31, the Italian Privacy Regulator ordered the immediate temporary restriction of OpenAI’s data processing for Italian users. Sources report that the company has time to comply with the measure, but if it fails to do so, the platform may become inaccessible to Italian users (i.e., those who registered with an Italian email address), risking a hefty penalty. The Authority has also raised concerns about OpenAI’s lack of age verification systems and has launched an investigation.

Preliminary Investigation on ChatGPT

Investigation Launched into OpenAI’s ChatGpt After Data Breach. Italian Privacy Regulator Raises Concerns – According to a recent press release, the Italian Privacy Regulator has opened an investigation into ChatGpt, one of the most popular conversational AI software capable of simulating and processing human conversations. The move comes after the platform suffered a data breach on March 20, which compromised user conversations and payment information of subscription-based users.

How datas are processed on ChatGPT

Italian Privacy Regulator Raises Concerns Over Inaccurate Data Processing and Lack of Legal Basis by OpenAI. Age Verification Filters Missing. The Italian Privacy Regulator has reportedly detected several issues with OpenAI’s data processing practices. Including the lack of proper information provided to users and all parties concerned whose data is collected by the platform. The regulator also noted the absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection and storage of personal data for the purpose of “training” the algorithms underlying the platform’s operation.

Additionally, investigations revealed that information provided by ChatGpt does not always correspond to actual data, leading to inaccurate personal data processing. Finally, despite OpenAI’s terms specifying the service is for users aged 13 or older, the Authority highlights the absence of any age verification filters, exposing minors to responses unsuitable for their level of development and self-awareness.

The very steep penalty

Italian Privacy Regulator Imposes Million-Euro Fine on OpenAI. Despite not having a headquarters in the EU, OpenAI designated a representative in the European Economic Area, according to the Italian Privacy Regulator. However, the regulator notes that the company must communicate within 20 days the measures it has taken to comply with the Authority’s requests, failing which it risks a penalty of up to €20 million or up to 4% of its annual global turnover.

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