Lenovo: hybrid learning all about it

Lenovo: hybrid learning all about it

By dayannastefanny

What is hybrid learning?

When we talk about a hybrid process, we are referring to the fact that it is made up of materials of a different nature. Blended learning refers to structured learning in which traditional classroom teaching and online learning are carefully coordinated. For a large number of professionals, this type of learning is a new reality at the highest level as it combines the best learning methods.

Students have the opportunity to develop special relationships with their teachers and classmates. In addition, they do not need to go to the university regularly to attend classes because many university courses can be completed online.

Devices designed for education

Lenovo’s latest laptops and convertibles offer rugged devices built to withstand the challenges of education at all levels. The complete line includes choices of operating systems, computing platforms, and form factors to suit different age groups and educator needs. All have a common attribute of durability that Lenovo is well versed in, producing reliable and rugged hardware that is vitally important in education. Lenovo DuraSpec provides several hardware features and testing methods created to enable our devices to withstand the rigors of daily classroom life, both indoors and outdoors. The inclusion of features such as tethered keys, drop protection, reinforced glass and LCD ports, liquid spill protection, and rubber bumpers are just a few of the protective innovations built into Lenovo education laptops. redeem

If our product is a good fit in the marketplace, customers will demonstrate that they understand its value by buying again. And if our repeat purchase share increases each month, then our product may be a good fit in the market. However, if our product price analysis chart goes up or down every month, we need to think about our product strategy and position.

The latest version of VR Classroom includes important new features. An immersive learning center in a cloud portal is designed for educators to find great VR content, create lessons, and manage their classrooms with ease. The solution now features enhanced services, such as customized installation and training, so that teachers and school staff are better able to deliver VR training. And VR Classroom features new, more powerful headsets that offer twice the storage space and enhanced power designed for immersive 3D learning.

Lenovo LanSchool is a leading classroom management software solution that helps teachers connect with students to create more meaningful online learning experiences, both in the classroom and remotely. With value-driving features such as screen monitoring, messaging, screen sharing, and website push, LanSchool empowers educators to guide learning in connected classrooms. In addition to this list of comprehensive features, Lenovo has introduced new functionality designed to enable better collaboration between teachers.

Now available in LanSchool Air, Lenovo’s cloud-based version of the award-winning software, the new “co-teaching” feature gives multiple teachers located in different classrooms or even different schools the ability to participate together in a class. All teachers assigned to the class can not only monitor and communicate with students but also can send websites to their screens to keep them up to date, share their screens for more personalized teaching, chat, and manage Internet access.

Co-teaching helps train the teachers of the future, provides guidance counselors with the information they need to help at-risk students, and gives administrators the ability to evaluate and observe, ultimately creating a more supportive learning experience. It is also perfect for inclusive classrooms where paraprofessionals can work directly with special education students for a unique experience.

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