Marketing on streaming platforms

Marketing on streaming platforms

By dayannastefanny

Competition in the streaming world is fierce, which is why companies keep working on different strategies to retain and attract more users. This is where Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) brings news, as it seems that it will announce a new streaming service, let’s see what it is all about.

Audiovisual consumption habits were already changing before the pandemic, but after the pandemic, it has been an explosion. The new technologies have provoked such relevant changes that it seems to us of the Pleistocene that of “let’s go, insubstantial dinner that begins already House”. All these thanks to the streaming that has accepted to the east subject of companies to attend the totality of its capital thanks to well-being technology.

A few springs ago the users were downloading the series and movies, thickening hard disks and others, that were filled and it was necessary to obstruct to bite new contents, and, clear, until it was not downloaded to 100% there was no way to see that sheet or series,  the streaming has unhinged everything, that instantaneity is the knot of the trophy of that technology that allows the expulsion in live.

The new fingerprinting era has influenced companies to resign their marketing strategies to content marketing, a non-intrusive way of adapting to the consumer’s complacency as Netflix does, which has become the paradigm entity of all that we are describing.

Streaming Strategies

1. Easy and intuitive

The simplicity of use is the great added value of these platforms. No installation is required, just an Internet connection and, in addition, it is very easy for the user to operate.

2. Allows customer input

Streaming platforms set up forums or simple applications for users to expose what type of content is more appropriate, or where the arguments of the next series could go, we could talk about a kind of co-creation of content.

3. Personalized a la carte experiences

Streaming platforms allow a particular experience for each of the consumers thanks to the “a la carte” service and they decide at each moment the content they want to watch. This system registers the consumer’s choices in the famous algorithm, from which the platform offers each customer the content they are most interested in. Finally, children’s content and animated series could have a good chance to leave the service, since, this can be a convenient alternative for parents who want to entertain their children. But it is something hypothetical.

Netflix is one of the platforms that uses online advertising as much as offline to publicize its content. In that sense, who does not remember those giant canvases that hung in 2016 in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol under the mythical Tío Pepe ad with the slogan “Oh, white Christmas” and the photo of the Colombian capo Pablo Escobar Gaviria to promote the Narcos series. This “provocation” caused the platform to be in the media spotlight for many days. The same happened when it advertised its film Fe de etarras with another giant banner in front of the Kursaal in San Sebastian during the San Sebastian Film Festival. Undoubtedly, these two actions of what we could call guerrilla marketing catapulted Netflix in Spain towards general awareness.

The Netflix customer profile is made up of women and men between 18 and 54 years of age, a wide age range that makes the type of content very varied to cater to all tastes. In terms of economic capacity, the segment is slightly upwardly middle class. Also its users are “very Netflix”, some studies state that they would continue on this platform even if it included ads.

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