Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch

By carolc

A 42mm, United States version named Midnight Black, one of a kind is a beautiful smartwatch. Galaxy Watch is a gadget that helps you live a smarter life, with everything literally at your hand. A bare Bluetooth connection makes you at hand with all the supported features and applications. It has compatibility with all devices having Bluetooth. It has stylish watch faces which are so realistic that they don’t even look like they are digital or just an image on a screen. Moreover, it is so easy to use and operate.

The battery of Galaxy Watch

The battery being it’s one of the main features, is long-lasting, can even go nonstop for days. Just on a single charge, it can go on for more than 2 days which obviously can vary. It has a 270 Milliamp Hours battery capacity. Battery life for the Bluetooth model ranges up to 96 hours. And for the LTE model, it can go for like 72 hours at max. The results may vary from phone to phone.

Galaxy Watch Features

The Galaxy Watch supports all the features on the Samsung Galaxy phone series, but on other phones, it might not run with all the possible features. Other phones (Android) must have a minimum of OS 5.0 and RAM 1.5 GB. For the iPhone users must have a device with 9.0 iOS (all the phones including iPhone 5 and above are included).

These watches also come in two sizes. They also are available in 3 colors with detachable straps. 2 Additional Straps, a large and a small one, are given along with the watch. So, you can customize your watch. Other things in the box include a wireless charger and its adapter, a user manual along with a warranty card. The warranty card is only for the standard parts and labor.

The operating system in the watch is Tizen 4.0 which was the latest when they launched this product. Tizen is a flexible, very customizable, and an ingrown operating system. Besides that, its system on a chip, SoC blows away everyone. The Wear OS watches are like a couple of generations behind the apple watches. The build quality is quite good. It bears the shocks and avoids getting dents due to its hard screen glass and a steel back. The stainless-steel construction and the rotating bezel are inimitable. The front side of the rotating bezel is quite smooth to operate.

Other features which make this watch worth buying are as follows

  • It is waterproof. Water-resistance ranges up to 5 ATM. It is optimal in challenging conditions. It is also said that it suits the military personnel because of its rigidity in design.
  • You easily can chill around knowing that there is just a flick of the wrist and boom you are in contact and interaction with your friends and family. By this, you can attend the outdoor meetings and be in touch too.
  • You don’t need to carry a wallet all the time in your pocket. Samsung pay in it will help you in making payments and clearing dues. It also works with an NFC (Near Field Communication) feature. But the problem is that Samsung Pay is not for international users. This scheme is only valid for US citizens. The same is the case with a warranty. The warranty is only applicable to America, the rest of the world cannot claim it.
  • The charger is wireless. It effortlessly charges the watch, you just put it on the charger, and you don’t have to do anything. The smartwatch manages your daily rundown and schedules it. Reminds you about the appointments and sets up alarms to wake you up. All the features work on their own. It also counts the step (from Samsung health application). The Galaxy Watch gives you everyday weather reports. The watch has a location wise weather update feature. It detects your daily activity patterns, your sleep patterns, and then timely updates you about it. GPS starts after 10 minutes of any activity. The GPS module is always on unless you turn it off. It automatically tracks your location.
  • The Galaxy Watch’s compatibility with Android and iOS is one of the best features. It has home IOT functions which help in controlling the Television, robot vacuum cleaner, Air Conditioner, and other home appliances.
  • When you hit the gym, this watch helps you in that too. 39 workout patterns have already been installed and it detects which workout you are doing. It even informs you when you are switching between the activities. It reminds you to keep moving, hence motivates you for workouts, and tracks the calorie burns accordingly. Monitoring the heart rate is another custom-built health feature. For better mental health, this product provides its users with breathing exercises to relieve stress.
  • All the content providing applications come already installed in it. It has a large selection of apps. With a 4GB internal storage and around 0.7GB RAM, it can perform multiple actions at once. The smart notification pop up looks so beautiful. Notification sound is also there. Reading the notifications and responding to them is so smooth.
  • The good news is that the watch can do all of this without any lag. But the bad news is it cannot connect to a captive portal WiFi. Well, version 4.2 of Bluetooth somehow covers it.

Our Verdict

This Galaxy Watch is pretty much something worth wearing anywhere. Back then, this Galaxy Watch was quite referred to as the best non-apple smartwatch in the market. When Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched, Samsung was struggling but they stepped up their game and provided a superior product to Apple, their rivals. We don’t think there was a better smartwatch available at that time. The next versions have a matured technology than this one but still, this product is a piece of art. Thanks, Samsung for providing us with a great watch.