Microsoft Brings Back SwiftKey For iOS To The App Store

Microsoft Brings Back SwiftKey For iOS To The App Store

By IsraeliPanda

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Microsoft announced in September of this year that support for SwiftKey for iOS would end on October 5th.It had assured Android users that this change would not affect their version. iOS users, who had pleaded with the Redmond-based company not to discontinue the keyboard, were shocked by the news. Sadly, the app was delisted as planned last month, crushing their hopes.

Over the past weekend, things took a turn for the better when Vishnu Nath, Vice President & General Manager of the Office Product Group, which includes SwiftKey, made an unexpected tweet to confirm that SwiftKey is back on iOS. Caitlin Roulston of Microsoft informed The Verge in a statement that the keyboard had been reinstated in response to customer feedback.Thus, it appears that they did, in fact, pay attention to users.That is great news, taking into account the condition of console applications accessible on the versatile stage.When compared to SwiftKey and third-party applications such as Gboard, even Apple’s iOS keyboard is not very good.

When Microsoft announced that it would be discontinuing support for SwiftKey, I mentioned in my previous article that all support pages for the app had been removed.The company has now done the opposite, removing the announcement of the keyboard’s discontinuation and reactivating the support portal.That could be useful for troubleshooting app-related issues.

SwiftKey for iOS has returned to the App Store, but the keyboard app has not been updated. Microsoft has essentially restored the previous version without making any changes to it; this means that version 2.9.2 from August 2021 remains. That isn’t all that great because it has the same bugs. Today, for instance, I tried logging in to the account system at SwiftKey, but it wouldn’t let me. This is frustrating because typing data on your iPhone or iPad cannot be transferred to the cloud or between devices.

Users have been complaining about these problems for a long time, so they are not new.Even before Microsoft announced that it would be discontinuing the app, people were actually led to believe that SwiftKey had been abandoned due to the fact that these bugs were never fixed for more than a year.


The most important question is, what will happen now that the app has returned?What’s next for SwiftKey?Users are encouraged to “stay tuned to what the team has in store for it” in Nath’s message.Pedram Rezaei, the CTO of Microsoft’s Maps & Local Services Division, echoed this sentiment and stated that the company is making significant investments in the keyboard.

Users were specifically hoping to hear that kind of reassurance. Ideally, we can anticipate the release of some feature updates and bug fixes in the near future.

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