Microsoft Teams is getting a sign language view

Microsoft Teams is getting a sign language view

By IsraeliPanda

The “sign language view” accessibility feature was recently added to Microsoft Teams. Participants who are hard of hearing or deaf can prioritize each other during video calls and meetings thanks to this release.

Microsoft Teams

The organizers of Microsoft Teams had to manually pin interpreters and enable live captions for each meeting up until this point. Pre-assigning interpreters from within the organization or adding external interpreters during a meeting is now possible with the new sign language view. It maintains a single, consistent location for the video feeds of interpreters and other signers. The component can be empowered for all gatherings or individual gatherings.

Microsoft explained that other participants can be pinned or spotlighted without interfering with the sign language interpreter.At the point when somebody shares content in the gathering, the focused-on underwriter video shifts positions, yet stays excellent and at a bigger size than the video feeds of different members.”

A brand-new sticky Accessibility pane has been added to Microsoft Teams in addition to the sign language view. Within the pane, users can quickly and easily enable or disable the sign language view and live captions by default. Participants in the meeting can also select preferred signers.

Microsoft says that the new accessibility pane and sign language view are now available to Microsoft Teams desktop and web users who are enrolled in the public preview program. In the coming weeks, the company intends to make these features available to all commercial and government customers.


Microsoft’s Teams collaboration service received a brand-new app called “Games for Work” last week. Meeting attendees can now play casual games like Wordament, Icebreaker’s, Minesweeper, and Solitaire with their coworkers thanks to this release. Microsoft asserts that these multiplayer games are intended to improve coworker relationships.

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