Hybrid Work and What Leaders Can Do About It

Hybrid Work and What Leaders Can Do About It

By camilaforero

Hybrid work began to be implemented at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, giving way to remote work in most companies in many parts of the world, and today hybrid work is a reality where many companies have preferred to take this method for their own companies. Likewise, it has been seen that the work has had a better impact and better results, being more efficient, with greater productivity and a very favorable workflow for many.


It has been seen lately that many people talk about having too many meetings, and many companies, people, employees and individuals have been struggling to do anything about these meetings that can happen too regularly at work.

It has also been seen that many companies have tried to implement options and methods to decrease meetings and even schedule certain days of the week as “no meetings”, however, this has been a complicated task for many and meetings do not decrease.

We found that according to BNN Bloomberg, e-commerce company Shopify has taken a bold step to eliminate all recurring meetings with more than two people, implementing a bot that sends reminders to workers about the policy who schedule meetings.

How do meetings affect the employees?

Some of the workers who work remotely find the meetings to be a great challenge for them, especially when these meetings happen very often. And on the other hand, for people who work from an office, after working remotely, it is very difficult for them to manage physical meetings and virtual meetings and above all, on many occasions, these employees do not feel that they are using it correctly their time and that they are also not doing many productive tasks that help their own work in the company.

So it’s hard to imagine many companies going as far as Shopify, handling a large number of meetings, however, with the help of technology, many companies will continue to struggle with hybrid work, especially to improve the working life of all employees.

How can hybrid work help employees?

We can see that there are now communication and collaboration technologies that when combined achieve previous point solution office technologies, such as room reservations and utilization tracking. In this way, it can be achieved that companies can maximize the use of office spaces, especially for those employees who will return to work in the office and not remotely.

Work sessions

In case you’re interested in learning more about this and getting a clear perspective, Wainhouse Research’s Craig Durr will lead a breakout session on the role of technology in the new office experience.

Also Beth Schultz from Metrigy will have a breakout session on how collaboration and employee experience come together. In this session she will “examine how employee experience tools use data from collaboration systems to reinforce enterprise management’s understanding of employee experience.”

It’s important to keep in mind that hybrid work is a work in progress, and that this goes beyond just having certain rules or don’ts like only having a certain number of people in a meeting. This hybrid work will have nuance and flexibility so that all companies can implement these options and grow together.

You can stay tuned to Enterprise Connect 2023 to learn even more about hybrid work and implement the best strategies and methods for your company and business.

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