Small Business Ideas for Teens

Small Business Ideas for Teens

By camilaforero

Exploiting your skills and passions is a great option to start a job in adolescence, you can create your own small business and an entrepreneurship with your knowledge, skills, passions, and effort and not only gain experience in the market and digital media, but also you can also earn money.

Many times teenagers want to work to earn their own money, buy things they like, go out with friends, travel, or also save for their studies, however, there are part-time jobs that may not allow them to raise the necessary money. Therefore, the options that we will see below will be directed to social networks and content in digital media, something that today is very attractive for young people and where they can express themselves and use all their skills that they have acquired empirically.

Let’s look at three options you can have to start your own online business on social media:

TikTok influencer

This is one of the social networks that grows much faster than others. In addition to creating content that is interesting to the public and where you can get to advertise, it is a great option for entrepreneurship and earning money.

TikToking is just a small business idea for teenagers to start a business, and it has been proven and studied that the number of followers a profile has on TikTok contributes to the amount of earnings the user can receive, according to Vital Nation.

Like what influencers?

We have an example of the influencer Skai Jackson, who is 19 years old and has worked as an actress since she was 5 years old. She started creating content on TikTok, sharing entertaining videos thanks to her artistic skills, plus she also promotes other companies and brands such as Kiehl’s. 

Skai currently has around 19 million followers, and we can add another example right here, where we find Will Smith, who at one point had 12.5 million followers on TikTok and was making up to six figures on a brand deal. Which means that the more followers, the greater the publicity and also the earnings that an influencer can receive on the platform.

Reviews or unboxing videos on YouTube

Continuing with social networks, we now come to YouTube, the second largest search engine and where by doing product reviews you can achieve brands and followers.

You can use a digital camera, a computer, or even a smartphone to create your content and videos, since the platform does not require great knowledge or skills, you just have to share your opinions with others. However, before you start creating and uploading your content, you can join The Creator Academy, there you will be able to find information to grow your channel and attract more viewers, since this is what is important.

It is found that a YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1000 ad views, which is equivalent to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Therefore, a channel that receives more than 20 million views on a video can earn a lot of money.

Like what channels?

We found a channel called Unbox Therapy, this is managed by Lewis Hilsenteger, there he shows a lot of content doing unboxing and reviews about different technological devices, plus he has a lot of viewers.

Podcast series

You can start talking about your passions and knowledge, sharing topics of interest with a specific niche of people who feel identified or are attracted to the content. If your personality is outspoken and passionate, creating a podcast might be a great idea.

You can also create content, interact with your followers and invite the community to listen to you, as well as share your podcast, and spread the word to grow. Once you have your community you can share your passions, as well as join sponsors or incorporate affiliate marketing into your episodes to earn money by advertising.

Like what podcasts?

There is a podcast called Teenager Therapy, it is made up of five people, Gael, Mark, Thomas, Kayla and Isaac, there they talk about topics of interest to adolescents and young people, such as youthful love and sexuality, among other topics that are quite interesting and provide information to young people.

You can use any of these options to start your small business, you can create content about things that you are passionate about and you know that other teenagers and young people may be interested in. You can also grow little by little, everything is a process, so you must first keep in mind how to start and then continue with the process to grow and have a large audience.

It is important to remember that you have to boost your work with a website or also using social networks, in this way you can connect more easily with your audience and also grow your content and business.

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