iOS 16.1.1: Top widget how to use it

iOS 16.1.1: Top widget how to use it

By IsraeliPanda

You may want to learn how to manage existing widgets, which are an important new feature in iOS 16. iOS lets you move, add, and even remove widgets based on the screen you’re on. iOS widgets enable you to access third-party applications from the lock screen and home screen.

Here is a comprehensive guide to managing widgets in iOS 16

Where can I add widgets in iOS 16?

Information can be quickly viewed in a variety of iOS locations using widgets. The following are the most typical of these:

Programs for Windows, portable applications, and games are all available for free in our closed message feed. You can also buy in:) Lock screen Home Screen The current Survey Additionally, Today View gives you the ability to add and view components of applications from outside your system in order to view significant data and gain access to alternative application routes.

The lock screen and the Home screen both offer access to today’s viewing.

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How to manage widgets on your lock screen The new lock screen widgets in iOS 16 can be managed on your device in the following steps.

You can add widgets to your lock screen. To open your gadget, press and hold the lock screen button. After entering edit mode, swipe across the screen to select the lock screen where you want to add new widgets.

The widgets section is now at the bottom of the screen. Click Add after selecting the appropriate widget from the menu at the top.

Widgets can be moved and dragged on the lock screen. However, you can only use the widget area, depending on your widget.

Furthermore, widgets added to the date field cannot be moved.To get started, follow the steps below.

To unlock your phone or tablet, press and hold the lock screen.Swiping in lets you choose the lock screen where you want the widgets to go.

Since Lock Screen Widgets have only been available for Android devices for a few years, it’s great that they will finally be available for iPhones when iOS 16 is released in the fall.The Lock Screen can be customized with unique fonts, colors, and, for the first time, widgets. This lets you check information at a glance without having to open the Home Screen or the Today view on your iPhone.

Another time zone, a set alarm, the next calendar event, the weather, your activity rings, the next reminder, and a chosen stock are among the widgets you can add above the time on the Lock Screen.On the Lock Screen, you can add a widget next to the date and above the digital clock.

The device battery levels, calendar, clock, fitness, home, news, reminders, stocks, and weather are among the more information-rich widgets that can be placed below the time.Below the time, you can add as many as four square widgets based on symbols, as many as two rectangular widgets with more information, or a combination of two square widgets and one rectangular widget.

To begin adding widgets, all you need to do is long press on the Lock Screen to access the Lock Screen gallery after unlocking your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID.The remaining steps of the procedure are outlined in the following steps.

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