iPhone: How to Schedule Text Messages

iPhone: How to Schedule Text Messages

By julianapardogonzalez

Don’t you sometimes miss functions that may seem archaic now? But at the time, that features were not only part of everyday life, but they were so useful that they are still necessary today. 

As an example, sometimes it is best to take your time to create a text message while you are thinking of it. But what if you do not want to send it until later? Well, we will show you how to send a scheduled text message on iPhone at whatever time you prefer. 

It is possible to schedule a text on iPhone? 

You might be wondering, did Apple decide to introduce a feature to send delayed text messages on iPhone and you missed it? The answer is no, you have not missed a thing. But that does not mean it cannot be done.  

A possible simple solution is to set a reminder using the Reminders app on iPhone. Then, when you receive the reminder, simply type, and send your message at that time. However, that requires you to have access to your phone at the time you planned, which may not be the case to be reading this article. 

To schedule a pre-written text message that sends automatically, you will need to set up an automation using the Shortcuts app. It may not be the ideal solution because you must remember to remove the automation if you do not want the message to repeat. But it is the delayed message solution closest to what you want, though, and below are the steps for this method. 

And… How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone? 

  1. The first thing you must do is to open the Shortcuts app or download it for free on the App Store on your iPhone. 
  2. Then, select the Automation tab at the bottom and tap the plus sign on the top right. 
  3. Then, choose “Create Personal Automation.” 
  4. At the top of the next screen, pick “Time of Day.” and in the pop-up windows pick the time in the box that appears
    • Alternatively, you can pick Sunrise or Sunset and choose an offset. 
  5. Under Repeat at the bottom, choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. This is convenient if it is a message you want to send regularly, such as a reminder for a family member. Tap “Next.” 
  6. Although you may not want your text message to send continually, the repeat setting is required. If you want to schedule a one-time message, you will simply remove the automation after it finishes. 

How to remove the automation after it finishes? 

  1. On the Actions screen, expand the Next Action Suggestions section and pick “Send Message.” 
  2. Then, on the subsequent screen, you will use the top box to set up your text. 
  3. Tap “Message” that is in blue and type your text. 
  4. Next, tap “Recipients” also is in blue, select or enter a contact, and choose “Done.” 
  5. You will then see the text message and recipient in the box. If you are happy with it, tap “Next” to continue. 
  6. On the final screen, you will review the timing for the scheduled text. If you want to be asked before the text sends, leave the toggle turned on for Ask Before Running. 
  7. If you turn off the toggle, you will be asked to confirm. 

You can then turn on the next toggle that appears. This is handy to see when the text message sends. 

  1. Tap “Done” to save the automation. 
  2. You will then return to the Automation screen in the Shortcuts app. 
  3. You can schedule another text message the same way, or simply close the app. 



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