Windows PC vs Mac

Windows PC vs  Mac

By Valentina Tuta

Time goes on and it’s time to change your old PC, but how do you know which device you should buy? Will you buy or build a Windows PC or go for a Mac instead? Well, here are some of the reasons you might want to go for a Windows PC instead of a Mac. Let’s start!

Reasons you should choose a Windows PC

1. You want freedom of choice

First of all, Windows is a hardware-agnostic operating system, as well as the mainstream choice for end users, hardware OEMs, and system integrators. This is a platform to run on as many systems as possible, from a wide range of manufacturers.

That’s why it’s the best option if you’re looking for a great computing experience where you have the final say. Then, you could build your own PC from the ground-up, choosing everything from the case and fans to the CPU, GPU, and RAM that makes it tick.

Plus, you will be able to buy not only according to your needs but also with respect to devices, such as Windows laptops that can offer you powerful equipment for less money if you need something on a budget.

Okay, it’s true that you have to be aware that Windows 11 walks back some of this choice with its TPM 2.0 requirements, but remember that choosing an Apple computer means being limited to only Apple’s current models and under Apple rules, like its upgrades or running an Apple silicon ARM-based processor.

2. Gaming is a top priority for you

It is a fact that gamers prefer the Windows operating system over Apple, as their contant desire to push the envelope in terms of hardware makes them lean towards thelatest and greatest GPUs like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 won’t be found in a Mac.

Therefore, we can infer that Windows is the platform of choice for players, and this is a field where undoubtedly macOS cannot compete. Well, it should be noted that Apple has made some headway in terms of GPU performance and software support in recent years, but it’s nothing compared to what is possible on Windows. This largely comes down to how ubiquitous the Windows platform is among gamers.

3. You want to avoid the apple tax

As mentioned above, when it comes to building or buying a Windows computer, sky’s the limit in terms of how much you want to spend. Thus, you can build a barebones system in a modest case, adding the components you need as your budget allows. Or you could throw caution to the wind and spend thousands on an RGB nightmare that will double your power bill, but again, it is up to you.

Furthermore, if we compare a Windows PC with a Mac with equivalent performance side-by-side, you’ll clearly end up paying a lot more for the Apple option, which is particularly true when it comes to Apple’s high-end machines like the MacBook Pro and Mac Studio. Though the MacBook Air is competitively priced, many Windows OEMs will throw in double the RAM and more storage for what Apple charges.

4. You want a machine you can upgrade

This is probably one of the most important aspects. When it comes to self-made Windows PCs, you’ll have some big benefits, starting with having a machine that you can upgrade at a later date, a device with which you will learn how the hardware slots together, how to select components that complement one another, and hopefully how to fix it when things go wrong.

But wait, because this doesn’t just pply to PCs you’ve built yourself, but many prebuilt PCs with a bit of hassle. Even Windows laptops are more upgradeable than their Apple counterparts. What, in short, is an aspect that will allow you to have a path forward in the future.


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