Tabs in Windows Notepad?

Tabs in Windows Notepad?

By julianapardogonzalez

Tabs in the computer field 

In this field, a tab, flap, or tab is an element of a program’s interface that allows you to quickly change what you are viewing without changing the window you are using in a program or menu. 

Performing a task through tabs allows you to load several separate elements within the same window, thus making it possible to switch between them more conveniently. With tabs, it is also possible to avoid having a multitude of windows open on the desktop, making it easier for the user to work on several aspects of the same program. 

Microsoft and Tabs 

Following the success of tabs within Windows 11’s File Explorer, they will not be the only ones. The Redmond giant has been preparing for some time the arrival of tabs in Notepad, a much-loved application that has received a lot of attention lately. In addition to receiving a dark theme and other improvements, it will soon receive tabs to open multiple instances (fingers crossed). 

It was 2017 when the Redmond giant was testing a curious idea, “Sets”. This added tabs to different apps and eliminated the need to open multiple windows of the same app.  

The Windows 10 tabs idea grouped windows into a single tabbed window, allowing multiple instances of Notepad and other apps in a single window. This feature was shelved in 2019, as Microsoft was running into technical issues internally, according to sources. 

Notepad is one of the most classic functions in Microsoft’s operating system, which is going to undergo a significant update in Windows 11. 

Microsoft developer leaks tabs in Notepad 

And to us be talking about tabs, and that it does not be about a browser web tab is all thanks to a gossip around now-deleted tweet from a Microsoft engineer employee, where was revealed an internal build of Notepad with support for tabs. This feature is in the early stage of development because there is a warning within the application. 

The screenshot showed that the window had a big “Confidential” warning that talks about the agreement not to discuss or share the feature with the public, suggesting it is not ready for prime-time yet. I seriously hope this does not affect the employee’s position in the company. (I want to believe it was not on purpose). 

We suspect that, just like you can currently do in your browser, you will be able to open and edit multiple text files and keep them all organized within a single window.  

With this feature, it will be easier and, help keep things clear and better organized if you are frequently finding yourself reaching for the Notepad shortcut to jot down something on your PC. It may not sound like much, but being able to organize multiple instances of Notepad with tabs instead of relying on separate windows is going to be much more productive. 

It is also worth noting that tab support will contribute to improved performance. For example, File Explorer tabs use much less RAM. Which makes it a very logical reason to get excited about this leak. Unfortunately, it is not available yet. But it will roll out in the next few months, as 2023 be around. 



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