Entrepreneurship for Teens

Entrepreneurship for Teens

By camilaforero

We are in the “entrepreneurial generation”, since today many young people seek to undertake and grow their dreams from an early age. And in this case, today we will talk about teenagers, who always try to save money and above all fulfill their dreams.

Many of the purposes of adolescents is to be able to save money to go to university, or to buy their own things with their own money, even to buy their own car or go out with friends on a summer trip. However, today with the recession and high inflation, being able to save money is a very good and important option.

Perhaps many teenagers try to get a part-time job, in a cafeteria, restaurant or clothing store, however, it may not be enough to save money or at least a considerable amount. Therefore, thanks to the entrepreneurial opportunities that we have today, and especially to the unlimited resources online, these opportunities to create small businesses can be achieved.

Likewise, there are small virtual companies that offer them the opportunity to strengthen their skills, to be able to adapt their schedules according to their lifestyles and above all, to grow and put their ideas and creativity into their own work to save money, buy the things that a teenager wants, and all with their own effort and dedication.

Now, let’s check some options we found in order a teenager can work and earn their own money:

Freelance your graphic design skills

Today there are many young people and teenagers who have great creativity, therefore starting a freelance job with your design skills is a great start to work and earn money.

First it is very important to have the right tools, for example Adobe Photoshop, this tool includes graphic design software to help you with your creations. It is also important to have a portfolio where you have all your work saved to show to companies that want to hire you, since having a freelance job and being linked to a company is a great alternative to start growing and adding content to your portfolio.

There are some platforms that can help you get freelance jobs and also make yourself known, you can use Upwork, Fiverr, or On these platforms you can publicize your work, your skills, the rates you have, all the services you offer, as well as your level of experience.

Contacting creators, authors, and finding clients and business owners who are starting your brand are great options to start getting your work out there and start growing online with this work idea.


We found an example of a graphic artist, Le-an Lai Lacaba, who is a graphic artist who has been working from home since she was 15 years old and being recognized at 17 years old. She also gives Le-an advice on getting your job done and helping business owners represent all their ideas and visions within the designs and graphics you do for them.

Write content for startup companies

You can start writing for small businesses or companies that are new to the market, this will not only allow you to have a job with little experience but also give you the opportunity to gain this experience and start growing and building a name to build credibility in your writings.

If writing is one of your passions, you can start with this option, because if you start working with small companies, most of the time they prefer to start with entrepreneurs like you since their budgets are not as big as those of much larger companies. It is also important to keep a few points in mind before starting this freelance job:

  • You should review the content of the company you want to work with.
  • It is important to search and find the main competitors that the new company you want to work with has.
  • You can have your own blog, where you can use it as a portfolio and that the companies where you want to work have an idea of what your work is like. In the same way there you can show your experience, and even monetize your blog by offering low-cost private content, this works well especially if you have an audience.

Remember that you can first investigate the company with which you want to start working by writing your writing, you can check if they already have a blog and what type of content they publish, in the same way you can review the content of the social networks that the company has and look at the content of their writings. Likewise, you can create a test writing and send it to the company so they can see your potential, your skills and what they can achieve with your writings.

Stream video games on Twitch

If your passion is in games, you are a great gamer and you also have the skills to express yourself and talk to viewers while you play, this can be a great alternative for you, since you will not only work and do an activity that you enjoy, but you can also earn money.

There is the Twitch platform, which is a fast-growing streaming platform with annual revenue of around $1.54 billion, likewise, this is a platform that is considered ideal for young entrepreneurs like you. It was found at the end of Q3 2021, that 50% of active Twitch users in the US are between the ages of 18-29, which is great since it’s a platform for teens and teens who share a lot of ideas in common and that helps to achieve a large audience.

The income on the platform varies, since they depend on the time they spend playing online. A professional streamer can earn around $3,000 to $5,000 per month, according to Business of Apps. Streamers must play around 40 hours a week and be in the Twitch Affiliate Program to be eligible to participate and have their online time tracked.


There is a community on Twitch called Black Girl Gamers, where there are over 7,000 black female gamers. In this community they hold gaming events where they promote equality and inclusion in the gaming industry, as well as promote a range of talented streamers through their channel, which helps everyone have more followers.

Create a website so that your business can stand out

If you have a website to boost your business, this will go a long way in not only providing more information about what you sell or do, but it will also bring you closer to your customers and viewers, and you will be able to keep these visitors engaged with your content and your products or services.

A great option to start your website is with the GoDaddy Website Builder, there are tools to start your online business and grow.

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