Minecraft 2022: Escape Estate and easy hour of coding

Minecraft 2022: Escape Estate and easy hour of coding

By dayannastefanny

What is Escape Estate?

Escape Estate is a mission-based coding adventure game as a series of haunted escape rooms, with engaging and imaginative stories connected to computational thinking skills. Each of these escape rooms requires students to search and collect clues, solve coding puzzles, and successfully unlock doors to lead to the ultimate escape out of the mansion!

What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking is NOT groupthink. In fact, it is very reliable and comprehensive. Computational thinking is a method of problem-solving, which includes certain skills and techniques: decomposition, pattern recognition, subtraction, and solutions. Although these skills are used in computing, these skills can also be used in many other subjects, such as mathematics, art, reading, science, etc.

How can we solve problems?

Students will feel the excitement and curiosity of the escape room concept in this new digital Minecraft world. Players select their route and activity, which enhances their decision-making process by encouraging them to take into account the clues found in the world. With the different paths, students can play multiple times to discover a new coding experience. Remember that behind every door is a new adventure, they must take on the challenge if they choose it then they need to use their imagination and see if they can get out before dark maybe they can claim a million-dollar prize.

This year’s Minecraft Hour of Code: Escape Estate

To help all students learn computer science, here is the Minecraft Hour of Code 2022: Education Edition activity. Today you must play Escape Estate, a fun and exciting game in Minecraft! You’ll use computational thinking to solve code puzzles to try to escape the mansion! And for this year Code Hour is offered in Blocks and Python.

Resources for teaching code time

To ensure that all educators can have a successful and fun code hour experience, several different teaching materials support the facilitation of the code hour experience.

Educator’s Guide

This robust resource provides everything needed to have a successful and rewarding HOC experience. There are several components in the Educator’s Guide, including an introduction to the topic Introduction and Hour of Code 2022, learning objectives & lesson objectives, and a suggested lesson plan with educational standards.

How to enter the code hour?

Start by preparing for the Hour of Code 2022: Escape the Siege theme by visiting the Minecraft Hour of Code homepage. If you want to learn more, you can check out Minecraft: Education Edition page or you can also follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Minecraft: Education Edition.
  2. Start the game with students.
  3. Choose the coding language
  4. Introduction to coding problems.

If time permits, play during Code 2021: Time Craft. Be sure to download a copy of the answer key and read the Teacher’s Guide.

How to stay at Escape Estate?

You can get a Code Time at any time during the year. Choose a day and time that works for you and your students. You can do the activity in your classroom or computer lab. You can do this as part of a school meeting, an after-school activity, or an open parent-child night. For the Minecraft virtual tutorial, editing the Hour of Code lesson can be done remotely. Students should download the latest version of Minecraft: Academic Edition.