Must know future technology trends of 2019

By germana

The evolution of technology from rags to ruler has been quite a fascinating one; today, from the point where we stand we can safely claim at least for the next 15-20 years, technical development will never undergo a stagnant stage that would make it difficult for the future generations to flourish in. This galloping pace of technology has made one thing quite clear, and that is, the changes that are being implemented each day, are here to stay and upgrade every business sector including that of hotels, insurance, industries, and real estate. Gone are those days when every mechanism had to be carried out mechanically and as a result was vulnerable to developing innumerable mistakes that called for time-engagement and re-application of labor. In the following section, we will be providing you with four technological trends that are being predicted to roll out at the end of 2019, to make things invariable simple for man.


  • AI�


The most commonly used term in the field of technology, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence that is capable of completely changing the reality of the virtual world. AI influences almost every aspect of our lives; starting from the choices that we consciously make to their repercussions, it all adds up to initiate the impact brought about by the technology. AI came into existence since 1956 and since then, it has been devised to identify and replicate human intelligence and accordingly perform activities of recognition of image, voice, tone and potential decisions. So far, AI has been used mostly in smartphones and appliances, navigation, prediction of forthcoming risks and maintenance essentials and in some cases, saves energy using faster and accurate methods of carrying out a task.�


  • Robotics�


The later part of 2019 is expecting to witness the efficiency of robotics and the enhancement of the functions of a drone. These two devices are capable of conducting tasks even when placed out of the spectrum of human intervention. The robot and drone don’t only perform with sheer accuracy but their capability of attending all even the most intrinsic details has increased their demand in this year itself. Tasks that engage a generous portion of the valuable time and require unadulterated attention can be passed on to the robots to create a safer and engaging work environment producing higher efficiency. Using an upgraded version of the drone, will generate 24hours surveillance and capture even the slightest details that are inevitable when dealing with the security issues and maintaining a record of the progress.�


  • Payments�


In today�s world, carrying out a monetary transaction is the most effortless task that you can perform and thanks to technology. Digital payment has been creating a buzz in the market for quite some time now and for all the right reasons. With the upcoming models of these payment methods, every transacting site will grant its customer with the privilege of strapping insurance policies to safeguard their exchange, reduce the response time of the transactions associated with refunds and insurance and strive to create a common platform for dealers to base their payments on a single token of value, capital transfer and exchange rates.�