New updates are coming to Chromebooks

New updates are coming to Chromebooks

By dayannastefanny

These days, many college students bring technological devices to class because they are much more practical when it comes to acquiring and storing information, even though Chromebook (a new type of computer designed to do work much faster) is not well known.

What updates do Chromebooks have?

Google will release new applications and features for users who have Chromebooks to feel much more comfortable with these new updates.

  • The first update is the use of a new editor that publishes images and video clips in Google Photos, for those who have this application on technological devices Google Photos can be seen as collecting the photos that are in the cloud or selecting any of the photos we have taken with our devices and transforms on many occasions in short videos also transforms them into a collage.
  • The second update is that you can use your Chromebook Gallery application and you can edit it in Google Photos just by touching it.
  • Another update is that you will be able to use the photos saved in Google Photos and you will be able to set it as wallpaper and configure it to display a different image every day.
  • Virtual desktops will no longer be a problem since you will be able to save or close your work with just one touch, you can also determine the number of applications you want to have.
  • In the case of creating videos that will reach the Chromebooks is the new application Luma fusion where you can make a video with photos that are in the cloud and on the device, this application can also put filters place music arrange, and adjust the image getting good results.
  • Finally, Google gallery for the month of August will have another update where it will be able to edit PDF files and video transcripts, since many users use interactive, instructional, and presentation videos for their jobs, universities, or schools.

What other functions do Chromebooks acquire?

They will begin to have support for a stylus for all those who have a touch screen and to have a better functioning Cursive application which serves to take notes that were written by hand and copy them into another application.

Customization, one of the most important functions in the coming weeks is that you can customize the theme, there are people who feel more comfortable using the dark theme and there are others where the light theme is better, but you can change it automatically if you want and change it according to the time in which you are.

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