Nextbase Presents the New AI-Based Cam for Drivers’ Safety

Nextbase Presents the New AI-Based Cam for Drivers’ Safety

By auroraoddi

Driver safety systems are becoming increasingly advanced thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence. One company revolutionizing this sector is Nextbase, with its new Nextbase iQ dash cam. Priced at under $500, this device combines AI capabilities and 4G Internet of Things connectivity to help drivers prevent accidents both on the road and while the vehicle is parked.

Key Features of Nextbase iQ

The Nextbase iQ is exclusively available at Best Buy stores in the United States and Canada, as well as online at,, and This dash cam represents an aftermarket platform for connected cars.

According to Richard Browning, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Nextbase, the Nextbase iQ “sets a new standard for dash cams” and creates a new category with its high-level connectivity, similar to that of smart homes, which is now accessible to all drivers, regardless of age, vehicle type, or value.

The Nextbase iQ offers a range of top-notch features that combine the safety of smart home systems with the convenience of in-vehicle connectivity. Some of its key features include:

Smart Sense Parking

The Nextbase iQ uses proximity sensors and G-force sensors to provide Smart Sense Parking functionality. This dual-technology analyzes the area around the vehicle and sends real-time notifications to the user’s smartphone, providing images and videos to alert potential hazards during parking.

Witness Mode

Witness Mode allows drivers to activate a voice mode that instantly saves a 30-minute block of video to the cloud and sends a real-time notification to an emergency contact. This ensures that drivers do not face stressful situations alone or without evidence.

Emergency SOS

In the event of serious accidents, the Nextbase iQ automatically alerts emergency services, providing them with precise location and other critical information. This feature could save human lives.

Live View through the iQ App

The iQ app allows users to monitor their vehicle and its surroundings at any time. The app also offers live streaming, audible alarms, two-way communication (with a future firmware update), video history viewing, and sharing capabilities.

Real-time Event Notifications

Drivers receive instant notifications of events such as collisions or intrusion attempts, regardless of their location.

Voice Activation

Voice activation allows drivers to use hands-free voice commands. This feature enables private mode activation, deactivation of the interior camera, Witness mode activation, and more.

Driving/Safety Modes

The Nextbase iQ intelligently detects the vehicle’s state and seamlessly switches between driving and parking modes, actively monitoring threats to prevent excessive battery drain.

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Continued Evolution of the Nextbase iQ

Nextbase emphasizes that the Nextbase iQ is an “evergreen product” that will continue to evolve through firmware updates and the addition of new features, regardless of the purchase date. Some of the planned features for the next release include:

  • Guardian Mode
  • Push to Talk
  • Roadwatch AI
  • Encrypted Incident Reports
  • Driver Aware (AI-powered DMS)
  • Vehicle Aware (AI-powered ADAS)

Models and Prices of Nextbase iQ

The Nextbase iQ is available in three models to suit various needs and budgets. The 1K @ 1080p resolution model is priced at $500. The 2K @ 1440p resolution model is sold for $600. While the 4K @ 4K resolution model is available for $700. Customers also have the option to purchase an optional rear camera for $200.


Nextbase has introduced the Nextbase iQ to the market, a dash cam that revolutionizes driver safety through the use of artificial intelligence. This device offers a range of advanced features, including Smart Sense Parking, Witness Mode, Emergency SOS, and many more. Furthermore, Nextbase has announced that the Nextbase iQ will continue to evolve over time through firmware updates and the addition of new features. With its affordable price and availability in various models, the Nextbase iQ represents an advanced safety solution for all types of vehicles.