PlayStation State of Play 2023 is knocking on your door

PlayStation State of Play 2023 is knocking on your door

By Valentina Tuta

Currently, a strong rumor about PlayStation announcing a ton of third-party content went viral in the gaming community, and according to many fans, this could be the imminent appearance of PlayStation State of Play 2023

As you see, last year Sony had plenty of events of this kind, showcasing the company’s own content as well as games from several third-party genres. Likwise, there was a surprising change in the pattern of State of Play events, as this year instead of highlighting indie games, Sony decided to give us a lot of significant announcements.

First of all, apart from the Resident Evil 4 and Tekken 8 videos, there were also new reveals for Final Fantasy 16, God of War Ragnarok, Street Fighter 6, and other games. Now, it appears that Sony will soon reveal a new showcase that will put a strong emphasis on third-party content.

The PlayStation State of Play 2023 is around the corner

According to the latest report of The Snitch (a purportedly retired leaker), it was known that the PlayStation State of Play 2023 would soon make an announcement about “third-party stuff,” presumably alluded to as a new State of Play event. But even if you’re aware of the authenticity of The Snitch, we recommend that you be careful and treat every rumor with caution.

What to expect

To be honest, Sony’s third-party partners have a wide variety of material up their sleeves that is expected to be revealed this year. Metal Gear Solid, for example, is rumored to be getting a remake, and everything points to it being a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

But keep in mind that Sony might perhaps take advantage of this occasion to reveal the Metal Gear Solid remake or other exclusive third-party games on the PlayStation State of Play 2023.

Furthermore, it’s true that the company couldn’t limit itself to exclusive games, as prior PlayStation gatherings included titles like Street Fighter 6 and Hogwarts Legacy. And well, even if The Snitch hasnt’ confirmed that Sony will have the State of Play event in particular, it’s the most plausible scenario given the facts we currently have.

Sony skipped last year’s first-party announcement 

Yet, it’s important to remember that Sony’s own content is generally revealed only in PlayStation Showcase ocassions. The problem is that, last year, the company didn’t organize one due to the continuing investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

Besides, in spite of making some first-party announcements, the one that caught the most attention was the confirmation of the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation State of Play 2023, a title that is already scheduled for the fall of this year.

What was revealed at the last Sony State of Play?

But in the end, what exactly was revealed during the event? Basically, the announcements for PSVR 2 and third parties predominated at the most recent State of Play, which took place on September 13.

Moreover, Tekken 8 was ultimately shown and we learned that Like A Dragon: Ishin was being remade, and a new God of War Ragnarok teaser was released. Along with teasers for Pacific Drive, Rise of the Ronin, and Synduality, this also featured a look at the unique Hogwarts Legacy quest for the PlayStation.

Two additional details for the next VR headset, the PSVR 2, were revealed and finally, the upgraded edition of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge as well as the arrival of Demeo on PS5 and PSVR 2 in 2019. If you missed the show, you can watch it here.


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