Pokémon Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch

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The highly anticipated Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is set to revolutionize the virtual experience of the popular Pokémon Trading Card Game, offering accessible gameplay for all players.

This new update aims to make the game accessible to everyone. Regardless of their prior knowledge, while also challenging experienced players. The official gameplay trailer has been released, generating great excitement among fans.

Furthermore, it has recently been announced that the Pokémon card video game, Pokémon Live Trading Card Game, will replace JCC Pokémon Online, whose servers were closed on June 6th.

As a result, both Apple and Google app stores have removed JCC Pokémon Online from their platforms. This decision was made by The Pokémon Company to focus on Pokémon Live TCG, which will be available starting from June 8th on various gaming platforms.

For players of the old title, it is important to note that they have the option to transfer their accounts to Pokémon Live TCG during the beta phase. The beta is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac and will conclude on the day of the game’s official launch. Additionally, on the same day, the expansion ‘Of Scarlet and Purple – Evolutions in Paldea’ will be released.

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Pokémon collectible cards

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live aims to be the best way to virtually play the physical version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The goal of the update is to make it accessible to everyone. Regardless of their prior knowledge of the game, and to challenge players of the game. the height of the most skilled. You can watch the first Pokémon Trading Card Game Live gameplay trailer below.

This Tuesday afternoon, June 6, it became known that the new Pokémon card video game, Pokémon Live Trading Card Game, will arrive on June 8. Replacing JCC Pokémon Online, whose servers have been closed last Monday.

In this sense and because of this decision, the Apple and Google app stores withdrew JCC Pokémon Online this Monday. This action is in addition to the closing of servers on the same day as the title developed by Dire Wolf Digital and launched in 2011.

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Also, these closures are because The Pokémon Company wanted to focus on JCC Pokémon Live. Now the new video game is based on collectible cards. Which will arrive on gaming platforms on June 8. As anticipated by the development team in early May, a date expected by all fans of the saga.

For its part, for users of the old title it is worth noting that they can migrate their accounts to Pokémon Live TCG. Which is in a beta phase for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac that will end on the day of its official launch. This same day will also see the arrival of the expansion ‘Of Scarlet and Purple-Evolutions in Paldea’.

Now, no deadline has been set for account transfer. So users can do it while the beta lasts or once the official game is released. As stated on the support page.

More than 50 million pesos worth of Pokémon cards were stolen from a store in Japan

Japanese media have reported a new criminal act in the middle of Ikebukuro, a neighborhood in Tokyo. A group of Pokémon cards worth approximately 1.5 million yen, were stolen.

According to local media, it was two people wearing ski masks who entered through the second floor of the store, broke the windows to get in, and steal the iconic program’s cards, all in a very short time, about one minute.

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The event took place on New Year’s Eve, according to local media FNN. Which described moment by moment what happened in the store in the Japanese commercial sector. They also stated that the thieves took around 100 cards that together add up to a millionaire sum of money.

“We dealt mainly with cards with great rarity, but there was a wide range of cards, from old Pokémon cards from 20 years ago to new cards, but they were all taken”

said a spokesman for the affected store, Yuma Hashida. He emphasizes one of the reasons why the cards would be so attractive.

“The normal retail price of Pokémon cards is several hundred yen for a pack of 5 to 6 cards. Even a set of about 60 sheets costs around 1,000 yen. However, due to their popularity around the world, there are cases where they are traded at a price over 1 million yen a piece”

Hashida added, insisting on the costliness of the stolen merchandise.

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