Programming Language Trends in 2023

Programming Language Trends in 2023

By camilaforero

Some key programming language trends will start to unfold in 2023, or is expected to happen, as interest in Java and PHP may well see less, however Python will continue to dominate the industry.

There are some IT Pro Today predictions, which are considered to be the main programming language trends for this new year 2023, so let’s see some of these predictions and in order to have a little more detailed vision:

Python and its popularity

Most of the programmers love Python, therefore the trend in this programming language is expected to continue and remain quite popular. In addition, this has become the most popular programming language in the world in recent years, despite the fact that many people feel that Python is too rigid in its syntax, and slower than other languages. Even so, and despite some flaws that may occur, it is one of the most popular and most used in the world of programming.

PHP fails

This programming language has seen a low level of use in recent times, as it seems to be less and less popular in this world of programming. It is estimated that the popularity and use of PHP will gradually decrease among programmers in 2023, despite the fact that this language played a fundamental role in the construction of what we know as the modern and interactive web, but that nowadays is not so popular anymore.

Some platforms may decide to change their programming language, however, this change would not be in the short term, it may take a while while they decide what is the best programming language for their platforms and that meets their needs. Even so, we may start to see fewer new projects deciding to use PHP.

Java is not so popular anymore

Java was one of the first languages and one of those that was essential for the emergence of the software industry, however, with the passing of time its popularity has decreased, and it has been seen in the TIOBE index that its position began to decline, after having been at the top and in the first place for almost two decades.

The future for Java:

This programming language will continue to be present in the world of programming, however, it is estimated that it will not return to an important position as it used to be a few years ago, and during 2023 and the next few years it is believed that Java will continue to lose popularity and that its use begins to be less within this world.


Rust is an open source language that focuses on security and efficiency, but if we talk about statistics, this language is not very popular in programming, also, it has ranked low in the TIOBE index with a ranking of 20th place.

This language, despite not being as popular as many others, also has its loyal followers, who consider it to be a very good language despite not being widely used, plus Rust has obvious appeal in this world of programming and cybersecurity.

Opportunity for Rust:

This open source language does not guarantee protection against attacks, although it is focused on security and efficiency. Still this may be a good point for developers who can take this opportunity to make the software a bit more secure.

Assembly Language Grows More Popular

It is understood that assembly language is a generic category that could include multiple specific languages, and that it entered the list of the 10 most popular languages for the first time in 2016. And it has held a position in the top 10, beating other languages like PHP, Go, and Swift.

Love for C

This is not a very popular programming language, however it has been around for over half a century. This is a tried-and-true stalwart language that will likely maintain its central importance for software development.