Reolink Argus Pro: a wireless bullet camera

Reolink Argus Pro: a wireless bullet camera

By carolc

Those times have long gone, when the wires were stumbling and strolling through the floorboards, wood planks and on the walls. A number of the present surveillance cameras are remote, utilizing broadband or short-Z-wave. They come with a control box for their handling. So, the question is why do people prefer these cameras? Well for starters, these remote surveillance cameras are simpler to install, and they give you more prominent adaptability for placement and positioning.

When these surveillance cameras were introduced in the market, they were wired and they must be associated with an electrical source to work. A few cameras still work like this. These wired cameras depend on video links to communicate video signals to a device, a PC or TV or even mobile phones. With a remote surveillance camera, the video signal and, with few cameras, there are mic so the audio can be transmitted. PC’s hard-drive or Cloud Storages to keep the record of the video film in case they want to watch it again.

Reolink introduced a wireless outdoor security camera named Angus Pro, which is truly one of a kind. It comes with so many features. It goes on battery power. No need for a direct connection from the main.

Features and Specifications

The installation is quite simple. It is wireless as it says in its name. The resolution on which the camera captures is 1080p. The camera angle is 130 degrees wide and the high definition resolution (1920 * 1080) provides you with a pellucid image. The night vision goes up to visibility at 33ft too even in the dead, dark, no light areas. Six pieces of infrared LEDs each being 850 nanometers are installed in the camera, hence 15 frames per second is its frequency rate. The lens is fixed and it is 3.26 mm.

Solar panel

Another thing the company added was a solar panel. The system installation, whether inside the home or outside up in the open, is easy to be mounted. The solar panel helps to charge the batteries with any electric supply from the main. Solar is a non-stop energy source. It’s non-stop because it charges the battery enough for the night time as well when there is no sun. The panel is weather resistant too. This is a long term and huge saving initiative. It works nonstop on solar power, otherwise it has around 5 hours of standby time. The Li-ion Battery installed in it has a capacity of 5200 mAh.


Being weatherproof increases its durability. It is built in a way that it shows resistance against the harsh weather. On a cold snowy evening, on a bright sunny summer afternoon, or on a wet monsoon day, it works all year regardless of the weather conditions.

Directly links

It directly links up with the Google Home Assistant as well as Alexa. The voice command also works. You can cast your screen on the Chromecast (obviously you will need a screen which has this feature). The Google Chrome Hub can also show you the live feed from this camera.

Other than the live feed option we have an option to store the footage on the Cloud Storage. Obviously, it is a bullet camera and they are mostly used for the purpose of security. So, the video recordings need to be stored somewhere. The resolution being too high it has one problem that internally it can’t store all the recordings as they might be big in size. For this purpose, there is a slot for a secure digital memory card commonly known as SD card. Angus Pro can only accept the 64GB (or less) Micro SD cards. Whereas at the cloud storage there is plenty of space so no need to worry about that. For managing the videos Reolink has designed an Application which runs on all Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. No membership or extra charges are required to use it.

Smart alert system detects the motion. When something moves around the camera you get an alert on your mobile phone application and even an email alert too.


With these many features, we have some limitations as well.  The Reolink Argus Pro can only support a 2.4 GigaHertz WiFi router. Routers which use higher bands i.e. 5 GigaHertz cannot be connected with this product. It doesn’t support Open Network Video Interface Forum. It is not ideal for seven days a week-long recording. The micro Secure Digital card is not included in the box. One thing to notice is that the passive infrared sensor in this camera is more efficient in left to right movement rather than moving up and down. The Secure Digital (micro SD card) loops. Looping means that it will keep on storing the videos until its storage capacity gets full, after that it deletes the oldest recording in it and makes space for the latest one.


Product comes with the 2-year long warranty and even with a one-month money-back guarantee. The technical support team of Reolink will replace any damaged, broken or defected products.

User Reviews

Users have been quite happy with this product. They are quite impressed with all the features. Picture Quality and Night vision of the camera is commendable. The motion sensitivity had to be altered from some users otherwise all other default settings were alright. Users are happy with the free cloud storage option. The streaming quality with a bad Wi-Fi connection is rather bad because it lowers the picture quality and hence the crystal-clear image vanishes. The company also provides the users with extra (secondary) solar batteries.


Should you buy this camera? If you need a camera with maximum features in this price range, a definite YES!! Its video quality and night vision are rated quite highly. Plus, the durability! Simply an amazing gadget with some limitations as well but they can surely be overlooked because the other things it provides are so much awesome. Long story short, BUY IT!

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