NOWLIGHT: The Self-sufficient Gravity Light

NOWLIGHT: The Self-sufficient Gravity Light

By carolc

Nowlight is a gravity light. For those of you who don’t know what a gravity light is; it is a lamp designed by Deciwatt which works on the mechanism of self-powering used as an oil lamp replacement. It was basically designed for third world countries where there were power and electricity issues. Designed for the campers, the backyards, and slum areas. Gravity light prototype was launched in 2012 with one goal that was to replace to old fashioned kerosene oil lamps. Well in about 3 years user’s satisfaction and demand motivated them to upgrade the gravity light and they launched another version of this innovative light and it got sold like hot cakes.

How does it work?

The method to charge is quite simple. There is a cord hanging down from the light bulb. Pull the cord for powering it. The cord is in a loop and by pulling it for only a minute it produces enough light for about 120 minutes. And about 10 to 15 minutes of mobile phone talking time. So basically, just pulling down the cord charges it and the battery installed in it is a 3200 mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. There is one 5V USB port for the purpose of charging phones. The SatLight comes with 5 brightness levels (in some models even 6 levels). SatLight is a LED suspension lamp. Moreover, the new NowLight comes with a Solar Panel so there is another option to charge the batteries. The light fully charges in about 3 hours from the Solar Panel.


Utilizing biomechanics and the most recent battery innovation, nowlight has been intended to create the good amount of power with least amount of work. Deciwatt firstly just focused on producing these lamps in the minimum cost. They didn’t fit in the solar panels or batteries, so it doesn’t get expensive for the people in poor areas. Soon, by the reviews and user’s requests that they need more light and more or less enough voltages to charge there phones too. The Deciwatt board decided to change the design and put batteries in. Adding solar panels in the design was another improvement. The product has easy to install mounting points which can even be installed with simple hardware tools. Addition of the display where you can see the charging percentage and how many minutes of the charged light is remaining.


On the planet earth, today 1 out of 7 do not have approach Electricity. Undoubtedly, NowLight comes with several uses. It is a fact that there exist many torch lights and brighter flashlights, but what if the batteries run out?

The main feature we get with the Dekiwatt Nowlight is that whenever you need light, instantly or in an emergency, just pull this product out and rotate the cord. It might come handy for the power management teams when they are dealing with power-cuts due to faults and whatnot.

Why not use it as a candle in a romantic candlelight dinner. Or for that purpose out in the open late-night barbeque parties. This can be used it in the backyards too. It surely can be said that it is a sustainable power source.

It uses sunlight if you want to charge it by solar panel but keep this in mind it is not dependent on sunlight.

Notable Features

It has five brilliance levels from night to a ultra-splendid light and the light force show adjusts the measure of intensity you are utilizing.

It can even charge your gadgets simply plug in your telephone or some other device, and it will charge it for you. Its charging is simple and extraordinary you simply need to pull the line for moment power (it will really charge it).

It contains an extra SatLight through which you can spread additional light around a room. It is a truly moderate sustainable arrangement that can engage individuals around the world.

It is Portable! You can convey and introduce any place you need it which most likely ideal for outdoors on the off chance that you are making the rounds.

It is likewise very versatile; it powers different lights and charging gadgets.

Accessories Pack includes A USB link for charging nowlight from the mains. A line for hanging nowlight from shafts, posts or branches. Two extra connections for the nowlight pull string (its accessories pack benefits as much as possible from your nowlight).


Nowlight merges a significantly capable dynamo with front line battery development just a single snapshot of manual charging gives a whole snapshot of means 1-minute pull equals to 1 hour of light.

The goal is to settle on an adequate decision rather than risky, dirtying and extravagant light oil lights. This isn’t centered around your business affiliation rather finding support from Red Cross and Comic Relief to achieve humane affiliations equipment with respect to light.

Things to be taken under consideration and a couple suggestions

This pack has different focal points from a specific perspective condition and humankind side anyway has a couple niggles. The 1-year ensure for a thing which is classed as sensible and maintainable is let some place close to an immaterial 1-year ensure which may be a relentless reason for nimbly (however or 1 year as the assurance doesn’t go further).

The IP rating for the 3-watt sun arranged board is IP33, which is okay for outside in delicate showers yet not suitable for long terms in the deluge/sub, In the UK and Ireland a fine day is a where the sun extends sharp shadows and it doesn’t rain, yet routinely Ireland bounces on ordinary around 151 wet days of the year, this daylight based board should be 100% waterproof for our environment ensuring fit for reason.


On practical standing, the unit capacities outstandingly with an abundance of light when required with the options of using daylight based, manual or traditional mains charging. Two or three slight grumbles yet the norm for boundless light with the choices to charge a phone when stuck is critical. This is ideal for territories where power can be erratic, or on outdoors trips or as a reinforcement elective. This is an extraordinary item utilizing innovation with helpful gains moreover.

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