Top 5 email marketing blogs every business owner should know

Top 5 email marketing blogs every business owner should know

By carolc

Email marketing currently holds the third place when ranking digital marketing strategy and campaign. It is especially a vital tool in B2B and B2C marketing. For any brand wishing to experience blooming success, much more work is needed to be done. Social media and PPC campaigns are great, but they are not quite enough. Extra miles should be traveled for achievement of goals and objectives. Email marketing is an extra mile that will yield amazing results when properly used by a brand.

Email marketing is the modern and digital means of making professional business communication. Millions of businesses use email marketing to not only communicate with their customers, but also to reach many potential customers easily, timely and effectively.

A survey by Hubspot showed that Email marketing is used by over 86% of professional business owners, as well as many companies and business organizations. If you’re a business owner, whether your business is a big or small scale one, you seriously should know a thing or two on how email marketing works, especially how it can promote your business brand.

Getting acquainted with top 5 email marketing blogs

Every business owner has a competitor. It is the necessary force of the marketing world. Truly, making surveys of your competitor can give you some clues on how to make strategic and result-yielding adjustments, but the method is too limited. There are better and effective ways of knowing email marketing trends. Blogs are one of these effective ways of knowing how email marketing trends work.

There are some blogs that are well grounded and thorough in email marketing. These blogs are versatile and ideal for all types of brands. We will be checking out top 5 email marketing blogs you should know and follow in 2020.

1. MailChimp

The market lord prize in email marketing goes to MailChimp. Over the years, the team at MailChimp has successfully helped out many large number of business brands across the gbobe, by giving them useful advice on the best and most affordable marketing forms.

Their successful ESP aside, MailChimp also runs a blog that exposes marketers to the perfect marketing tools and knowledge that’ll lead to a successful marketing.

They publish regular posts on their blog. So, you can visit their page and be learn a lot in a short period of time.  They’re particularly good and known for giving tips and advices on how to automate your email marketing sector, as well as how to use other tools.

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor is the pop star of email marketing blogs. Apart from their strong in email marketing, they also have a good grip on software development. They mostly engage in selling email marketing strategies and solutions to brand owners, marketers and business managers. They have useful contents. You should have them pinned to your reading wall list.

Campaign monitor also specializes in giving practical tips and strategy for writing. Email marketing needs good writing skill. The writing skills you’ll be exposed to here will be of great help when composing emails for your business.

The blog is also a go-area for business writers desiring to upgrade their writing skills to the next level. There are numerous companies looking for writers skilled in writing business-related messages and contents.

3. VerticalResponse

If you go round the world and ask brand managers for tips on email marketing, virtually all of them mention VerticalResponse as a recommendation.

Email marketing world has many top business advisers. VerticalResponse has a place among these high-class business advisers. It is a proven fact that has been experienced by many business brands across the world.

In a bid to apprise people of their ideas, plans, programs and goals, they run a blog – an excellent one! Being one of the most popular blogs around, you can visit their website and learn more about studies, surveys and contents related to email marketing.

There’s even a categorical spread showing the level of people’s experience in email marketing. You’ll find these three categories, novice, intermediate and professional. The spread helps you to know exactly where to kick off from.

4. GetResponse

Email marketing may sound high and seem it’s only cut for big businesses and successful brands, but really, it’s not true. It can also be used by small-scale business owners to promote their business. In fact, many of these big corporations that you see once started small, and many of them owe their business breaththrough to email marketing!

Anyone, or better put, any business can scale top high. It can be achieved by any business owner. It’s all a matter of planning, patience, the right knowledge and correct use of the right tools.

If you have a small-scale business, GetResponse is a splendid blog that can help you grow your business using email marketing. No advice is too big or too small. What matters is that it works for your business. You’ll have access to quality email marketing contents, ebooks, guides and instructions. These are the reasons why GetResponse stands out as one of the best blogs for email marketing.

5. Email on Acid

Excellent email content is as good email delivery to your customers. The two needs to balance. It unproductive to focus just only on email delivery. You need to pay a very close attention to the content of your emails. Where can you get help on this? This is where Email on Acid waltz in!

Email on Acid is a great blog for every marketer that wants test their email contents for suitability, quality and standard. Email marketing campaigns can drain off the rail if your content isn’t hitting the nail in the head. You need befitting contents for your email marketing campaigns to pay off.

Email on Acid will teach you how to select the right content that clicks well with your email marketing campaigns. To maximize the benefits of this blog, it is advisable you read their posts on daily basis to be updated.


Email marketing is the moving train for many successful businesses, brands and corporations. You shouldn’t e left behind. Do you want a change in your business? Then get started with email marketing today! Visit the email marketing blogs we’ve recommended. You’ll be glad you did!

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