Set your Twitter Account to Private in a few easy Steps

Set your Twitter Account to Private in a few easy Steps

By Alex Balaniuc

When you create an online account, no matter the platform, it will be set by default as public. A public profile can be seen by everyone, and this could be a threat to your privacy because you’re giving strangers on the Web a nice view of your name, photos, friends, and the school\workplace you go to. So, if you don’t want to flaunt your personal info online and the stuff you post, you can do so by setting your account to private. In Twitter‘s case, for instance, your posts – i.e. Tweets – and other account information are only visible to your confirmed Followers when you make your profile private.

Let’s find out how you can change your Twitter account from public to private, to keep your personal data and posts safe and away from prying eyes.

Make your Twitter account private from desktop

  • First, you’ll need to access Twitter on your computer



  • click on More on the left side of the Home page



  • now select Settings and privacy



  • click on Privacy and safety, below Settings



  • go to Audience and tagging in the Your Twitter activity section



  • tick the Protect your Tweets options, and you’re done!



Make your Twitter account private from your phone

  • Access Twitter on your phone through the Twitter app or from the Web



  • once you’re in, tap your profile picture



  • now, when the Account info section pops up, tap Settings and privacy



  • select Privacy and safety


  • then tap Audience and tagging



  • finally, tick Protect your Tweets, and you’re done!


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