Share Wi-Fi password from your Mac in a few, easy steps

Share Wi-Fi password from your Mac in a few, easy steps

By Alex Balaniuc

Do you want to know how to share your Wi-Fi password with a friend much quicker than making them enter the password on their Apple device themselves? Keep reading this article, because we’ll tell you how it’s done!

You can share pretty much every kind of information between technological devices in this day and age: it will only take you a couple clicks – or taps on your phone – to share photos, videos, links and more with whoever you want.

Fortunately, Apple products such as the Macintosh computer, the iPhone and the iPad have an option that allows you to also share the Wi-Fi password of a location with another Apple device. Without having to waste time by entering it manually and, more importantly, if you’d like to keep the password secret, this feature surely comes in handy a lot of the time.

Connect your Mac to the Internet through Wi-Fi

To share a Wi-Fi password with someone, you’ll need to first access the Wi-Fi network. Whenever you’re in a Wi-Fi network’s range, you can connect your Mac device to it. Let’s see how:

Connect to a public Wi-Fi network

  • on your Mac, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar, then select the network you want to have access to
  • if you can’t see the desired network among the others, click Other networks to show other options nearby
  • when asked, enter the network password, then click Join.

Connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network

Before accessing, you’ll need to know the hidden network’s name, password and security type. If you know these informations, follow the steps:

  • on your Mac, click the Wi-Fi icon off the menu bar, select Other networks down below, then click Other in the Other networks list
  • insert the other wireless network’s name in the Wireless network name field
  • next, click on Security, then choose the hidden network’s security type in use
  • enter the information wherever you have to, such as user name and password, then click Join.

How to share your Wi-Fi password from your Mac

Now, let’s look at how you can share the Wi-Fi password with friends and family between Mac devices.

First of all, make sure that your Mac is currently connected to your Wi-Fi network. Follow the steps of this guide:

  • turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices
  • keep the other person’s device nearby, within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range

  • now, check if your Mac is unlocked and if it has access to the Wi-Fi network. Plus, you have to be logged in with your Apple ID
  • the other person’s Apple ID has to show up in your Contacts app

  • draw your friend’s device closer to your Mac
  • on your friend’s device, select your Wi-Fi network
  • check your Mac for the Wi-Fi Password notification, then click Share.

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