Stable Diffusion works hand in hand with IAs

Stable Diffusion works hand in hand with IAs

By dayannastefanny

What is Stable Diffusion?

It is an artificial intelligence engine that can create images from text. Its creator is Stability AI and, unlike other similar products, this program is open source. Although the main (or common) goal is to create images from scratch from text, this machine learning method can also add features to existing images or learn an advanced process.

How to install Stable Diffusion on your PC?

Once we have the requirements, we will show you how to install Stable Diffusion in the community in a simple way and without the need to install a separate environment or libraries, as the download will do something for us and Next.

All we must do is go to the Stable Diffusion UI GitHub page. This project is to review everything you need to install Stable Diffusion in a BAT file that downloads everything you need. The installation is available for Windows and Linux computers. Just click on the link of your choice.

How to test Stable Diffusion on your computer?

Currently, it is possible to test Stable Diffusion from its official website. As we have said, the project code is available to anyone who wants it. In addition, it offers an API to create applications using its image generation engine.

If you are looking to test the capabilities of this AI for yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Dream Studio.
  2. Click on Sign up to register. You can also log in with a Discord or Google account.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. Log in to access the editor.

Now you have the Stable Diffusion based image generator in front of you. At the bottom you will see a text field that says I want to dream of.

Type a query in it and change the following parameters:

  1. Width and Heigth. Change the width and height of the generated image.
  2. Cfg Scale. The CFG scale adjusts how much the image will resemble your request. Higher values bring the image closer to the entered text.
  3. A larger number of steps to generate images allows you to get more positive results.
  4. Number of Images. Select how many images you want to generate from a single query.
  5. Depending on the selected settings, each created image will consume credits. You can see this value at the top, in the credits / image area.

Requirements for installing Stable Diffusion

Running Stable Diffusion locally has several benefits, although most of them are oriented to developers and artists. Installing this artificial intelligence on your computer allows you to explore the possibilities and applications of this tool in all kinds of environments. Many independent developers are adapting this language model in all kinds of applications, and in the future, it is expected that AIs such as DALL-E 2 or Stable Diffusion will have a greater role in drawing or 3D modeling tools.

Better trained and more accurate AI than ever before

Perhaps the way in which Stable Diffusion was popularized was not the right one. In previous versions, it allowed deep fakes of celebrities, including nudism and other issues. However, Stability AI corrected this. In fact, if we run the tool locally and try to generate an ‘inappropriate’ image, the AI will return a fabulous image of Rick Astley.

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