Sustainability in mind: New Chromebooks

Sustainability in mind: New Chromebooks

By camilaforero

The new Chromebooks are made using recycled materials and are easy to customize, repair and upgrade. Many people rely on laptops for work or in their daily lives as well, and with this in mind we have worked with partners to create some more sustainable options, as the technology used in the devices has a significant impact on the environment. In case you want, you can check here for new updates for your Chromebook.


New devices built with the planet in mind

Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition is the new appliance created for users, this product is 50% post-consumer recycled aluminum, as well as durable, powerful, thin, light, the idea of this device is that it can last for a long time, it is also the most customizable Chromebook on the market yet.

The laptop’s memory and storage can be upgraded, as well as the screen, battery, and webcam can be replaced without needing to replace the entire laptop. And in case you ever want to change the look of the Framework laptop, the bezel can be changed with different colors.

Acer Chromebook Vero 514 is another recently released device that incorporates post-consumer recycled plastic in its design and also recycled ocean plastic in the internal fan casing and touchpad. This laptop is also intended to be durable and includes a molded pulp packaging made from recycled paper, cardboard and other natural fibers, as well as its packaging that can be reused as a laptop stand, which helps a lot to save money and have more accessories included.

The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook brings together powerful capabilities and sustainable design. This laptop was released earlier this year and has a high performance, as well as includes recycled materials throughout its body, such as recycled magnesium on the top, recycled plastic on the keyboard keys and also recycled aluminum on the bottom of the device.


More ways to stay sustainable with Chromebooks

Delivering up to 12 hours of battery life on a full charge, Chromebooks are highly energy-efficient devices, and feature designs that are built to last, with automatic updates for up to eight years, providing plenty of security and adding functionality faster to the users.

Likewise, all Google applications that run on Chromebooks, Drive, Photos and Gmail, work in Google Cloud, which is the cleanest cloud in the entire industry so far, also you can run Microsoft Office using the Chromebook .

Chromebooks can also be shared with more members of the family, for example by limiting the number of devices you have in use in your home, the Chromebook can be accessed by multiple users allowing you to keep files, apps and settings for each person separately and in a completely personalized way so that the device can be shared.

Also, you can modernize your device in case you don’t already have a Chromebook laptop, using ChromeOS Flex, you can have a cloud-first operating system for PC and Mac that is fast and secure for users.

Another feature to have, in case you want to trade in your Chromebook and don’t know what to do with the old laptop, you can google “electronics recycling near me” there you can find verified services that can recycle the laptop for you.

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