Terminology you should know if you want to be a Gamer

Terminology you should know if you want to be a Gamer

By dayannastefanny

Participating in the community is one of the best parts of being an athlete. Participating in discussions, reading guides and opinions, and joining groups and teams in the games we like to face or fight with other people; This is very good, but very difficult to do if you do not know the words and communication between players is necessary as words and acronyms, almost all of these are Americanisms or are in English, which has become part of the jargon that has been formed over the years to talk about different aspects of the video. This is the vocabulary that you will see or hear the most in the gamer community and it is necessary to learn it if you want to be the best in the different games.

Throughout the different games we are likely to hear the following words:

  • Bo: Best of. The games that a team must win to win the day. The matches played during the regular season are usually the best of three. That is, Bo3. While the finals and other matches of greater importance are played to a Bo5, for example.
  • Ban: Ban the use of a character. “Cassiopeia has been banned”: no player will be able to pick her during that game.
  • Pick: Each player’s choice of champion or character.
  • Comp: Abbreviation for “Composition”. Refers to the type of team the guys have built based on the champions chosen. “Aggressive Comp”, “Late Game Comp”, etc.
  • Recap: Summary of what happened in previous games or days; recapitulation.
  • Meta: The current state of the competition: which champions are stronger right now, which items are not worth buying if it is preferable to play aggressively or to extend the match, etc.
  • KDA: Kills / Deaths / Assists, the ratio of kills, deaths, and assists of a player throughout the season or match day.
  • Synergy: The level of rapport of some champions with others. Their effectiveness when playing together.
  • Farm/Farming: Getting gold by killing enemy minions and jungle monsters.
  • Last Hit: Hit a unit with the coup de grâce so that it drops gold when it dies.
  • CS: Creep Score, the count of minions killed by each player.
  • Tower hug: Literally “hug the tower”. Keeping the champion within attack range of the allied tower for protection or to force the enemy to push.
  • FB: Facebook First Blood. First blood, the first kill of the game. Grants a significant amount of gold to the assassin and his allies.
  • B: Use the recall skill (assigned by default to the B key) to return to base.
  • Feed/Feeder: To die repeatedly in an intentional way.
  • Gank/Ganking: Assisting an ally (usually the jungler) on a map line to try to kill the enemy champion.
  • Harass: Annoying the rival champion with continuous attacks to hinder his gambling or to pave the way for a possible assassination.
  • SS: Missing. It is used to alert the team that an enemy champion has left our range of vision: “SS mid”, “SS Garen”.
  • Vision: The range of visibility of a team. It can be expanded by using wards.

The concepts of mid-phase, although not exclusively linked to it.

  • Dive/Diver: enter to kill a champion that is under the protection of a tower.
  • TF/Team fight: Fight in which most of the champions of the two teams are involved.
  • Pushing: Helping the minions advance down the line by exterminating the opponent’s minions quickly.
  • Bait: Make the enemy believe that he can kill you or knock down a tower to surprise him with an ambush.
  • Facecheck: Investigate a nearby bush to check if there are enemies hidden in it but do it using the face of our champion and with a sign that says “kill me” instead of a ward.
  • Rotations: movement of several players of a team through the different lines to help their teammates.
  • Snowball: The ability of a champion to gain strength and presence in a fast and unstoppable way if he gets a few kills that give him the first push.
  • Siege: Join forces with other teammates to attack the opposing team’s infrastructure.
  • Focus: Focus your attacks on a particular champion.
  • Carry: When a single player can lead his team to victory thanks to his extraordinary performance.
  • Build: Set of items with which a player has strengthened his champion. In the late game, we usually talk about complete builds. That is when a player has filled all his item slots.
  • Baron: the most powerful and advantageous neutral monster on the map.
  • Calls: Proposal of action by one or several players for their team.
  • Engage: Launch an attack and start a fight.
  • FF: Forfeit; to surrender.
  • Split: Split Push, Split the team into several groups to force the enemy to defend several strategic points at the same time.

What are the game models you can find?

  1. Battle royal: a new game in shooter games where many players usually 100 and are thrown into the arena to fight each other.
  2. Campaign: This is a game mode based on missions that follow each other to complete a story. Very popular in role-playing or strategy games.
  3. Capture the flag: Also known as capture the flag, popular in battle or war games. Two teams face each other and have the mission to protect their flag while stealing the opponent’s flag.
  4. Deathmatch: The player’s objective is to kill as many opponents as possible; it is a multiplayer game.
  5. Surge: Like the previous case but in this game mode the cooperation of the players is considered to kill the rival in waves.
  6. Multiplayer: Considered a game mode where more than one player participates.
  7. Split screen: In this game mode the screen is divided according to the number of players.
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