Sea of Thieves Season Seven

Sea of Thieves Season Seven

By dayannastefanny

Sea of Thieves Season Seven arrived with new updates and new changes, although this version was scheduled for July 21 and finally arrived on August 4, this delay was because more time was needed to develop the new features according to what executive producer Joe Neate said.

What are the changes that were made for this 7th season?

1. Make changes to the ships, change the combat style and the design of your ship with this you can decorate the captain’s room and you can change the color and design of the chairs, beds, curtains, and furniture.
2. You can name the ship, and this will be engraved on the crest of the ship, so it is important that you have a lot of imagination to make your name striking and you have the opportunity to be able to name as many times as you want.
3. It will have a new currency and with this, it will be easier for the players to sell the loots and it will be much easier to obtain them.
4. Now anyone can become a pirate and for this, you need a ship, you can get if you have some treasure or take it to Sovereign which will be responsible for selling for you and can also be managed from the main menu screen.
5. The milestones are related to all the actions that the player performs and belong to the ship that is currently the captain, and this will be able to reach specific classes to be able to earn rewards.
6. Sea of Thieves Season Seven will also be possible to build naval ships and merchants have always seen will have an important role for a small cost, this will make it possible to restore damaged ships and improve conditions or even provide special navigation by the captain.
7. With this new update you will be able to install links so that the captain and the crew can sell their treasure in a simple and fast way, but if you are not the captain but one of the crew members you will be able to establish a friendship with the sovereign presentation.
8. After each adventure you have you can get a new captain’s journal in this you can find the most recent achievements or treasures you have, if it comes at a time to sink the ship then any of its crew could take them or keep it, remember that this journal is very important to the captain and is very valuable to him or her.
9. You will get decorative ornaments and you will decide if you want to place them on your ship, these ornaments are the achievements of each of the adventures performed.
10. You will be able to save your equipment no matter if there is damage to the ship due to combat.

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