DreamsCom arrived with better and new games

DreamsCom arrived with better and new games

By dayannastefanny

Officially DreamsCom ’22 is opening its virtual doors to the gaming community and presenting the live VOD channel on Twitch where you can watch and listen to the creators talk about their games since it started on July 26, but you can still play in Dreams because there are still surprises and hidden treasures to be found.

Some of the game creators that stood out at DreamsCom ’22 and their games?

1. Paulo-Lameiras: He is one of the most recognized artists when it comes to showing pixels and the winner of the Impy is coming with 3D images, this is the same creator of Shmup and Solar Blest now will also come with his new game Protolandia in this will see the third dimension and will have better graphical textures when playing, both their scenarios will be detailed, besides being able to control the times in the game, making a design using the different dimensions and for many players who like to discover secrets can do so by taking full advantage of the demonstration.
2. Orksom has a concept with much more detail so it creates Strain, a game where you must be linked to a corpse through a gas mask this can measure the resistance and as a goal, you must go through the different scenarios sailing by the sea, all this game is to acquire skills for obstacles and learn from the process.
3. Nephrendil: It is an artist who has a lot of knowledge and generates a pleasure to look at for this reason is born exhibition of a community garden, in this game you can see different places that get a meaning, plus in this place, you can celebrate different victories and where you can use any of the creations, here it is important that everything grows well for that reason will have community support and when you no longer have anything else everything you did will be blooming little by little.
4. FlashMedallion: has created more than 11, 463 games and arrives with his new game Battlepigz, where you will have a squad of elite bristles of the enemy line here armed a conflict, in this game requires a lot of agility with tactical shooting and to be able to understand the game well you will find different demos and tutorials to be able to perform all levels, if you have played or recognize Shmup, you will be made a similar theme as you need a lot of tactical depth, perfect the attack and accomplish the mission.
5. Pierogi-boi and Phreakerz: These creators decided to make The spiders have 4 legs, in this game you can watch the movement in the style QWOP is an independent style of 2D, in this game, you must learn to manipulate a spider, and compete in races this in order to optimize a slide impulsadopor gyroscope and you can overcome your friends if you get to control it.
6. Rammstein53452 and matizzle1: In this year the CoMmunity likes liminality for this reason Liminal is born, a game where you will have to walk through infinite stairs, empty corridors, and different dark places, the creators adapted a novel approach that shows a demonstration in psychological terror and survival, achieving a nice highlight, in its different scenarios you can find creepy landscapes with giant walls, tunnels, and glass walls, you can also find humanoids and different faces in the dark and the audio will make the experience much more enjoyable, this game will be released in September.

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