Tesla: Suggestions on the European continent are back

Tesla: Suggestions on the European continent are back

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MoreTesla has announced that its suggestion program is now available again on the European continent, following reintroductions in the United States and Australia. Tesla’s Referral Program is one of the most unique offerings in the auto industry and is arguably one of several components that arguably earned Tesla cult status in the United States. After a brief hiatus, the program has returned and now the American car brand has once again made the program available on the European continent.

Tesla unveiled the program on its European Twitter account. The company is offering several attractive rewards for consumers who turn to the company in one of the world’s most competitive EV markets. According to Tesla’s website, consumers in Europe earn 100 credits once they are referred by a Tesla owner today, while the referrer earns 2,000 credits. The customer gets an additional bonus of 5,000 free kilometers for supercharging, in which the shipper earns 10,000 credits. Bonus that is obtained only with delivery before the end of the quarter or is purchased from the automaker’s inventory.

Currently, Tesla’s loot box, where credits can be used to buy things, is relatively barren, with only a few items accessible, mostly supercharging miles. However, this has not always been this way. In the first iteration of the referral program, Tesla owners will be able to save up to drive the Boring Company drilling rig or drag race a Roadster. However, many are hoping that these fun rewards will return shortly. Until now, other car builders have not been able to build systems with the same appeal to them. Still, if Tesla continues to have success with its program, there’s no doubt it could spread to other car makers.

Tesla brings referral program back to Australia

Tesla has brought its Referral Program back to Australia, enabling owners to reap the positive results of helping the world transition to sustainable transportation by convincing you to understand other Tesla products.

Tesla’s Referral Program got into the business several years ago and provided owners with various benefits, like free supercharging miles and opportunities to get new cars by sharing your referral link with friends and family. Using the referral link would grant owners the rewards upon a successful purchase of a Tesla transportation or energy product.

Fundamental prizes for blessed owners

Tesla phased out the Referral Program in several markets, including the United States in September 2021 and Australia in August of that year. For several years there has been speculation about when Tesla would bring back the program. Created to reward and incentivize owners to persuade others to purchase vehicles or energy products.

The company promised to bring back a revamped version and eventually launched the new Suggestion Program in the United States in November 2022. The program was also launched again in China in October 2022. Rewards have the possibility of helping owners buy everything from performance enhancements to a Full Self-Driving Suite.

Now, Tesla has launched the program again in Australia with several new terms that incentivize the purchase of certain vehicles over others. Also, Tesla will reward the owner if they buy a new Tesla if they own one. According to TechAu, Tesla will award 1,500 credits to both the referee and submitter for the purchase of a Model 3 or Model Y. Model S and Model X purchases are slightly more rewarding and will award the referee and submitter 2,500 credits each.

More prizes

Tesla is also offering those who already own a Tesla and purchase a new Model 3 or Model Y 3,500 credits. While for Model X and Model S vehicles, returning owners will receive 6,000 credits. The rewards for convincing a buyer to use your referral link can be intriguing. Inside you can purchase everything from software upgrades to Tesla-branded apparel. In addition, owners can use credits to get more free miles on Superchargers: 750 kilometers (~466 miles) cost 1,500 credits and 1,500 kilometers (~932 miles) cost 3,000 credits.

TechAu lists various items that you have a chance to redeem via Credits, and the chances can be accessed via Lootbox in the Tesla app:

  • Men’s T-Shirt: 500 Credits
  • Boys Relaxed Y Logo Beanie: 275 Credits
  • Cuffed Thermal Beanie: 650 Credits
  • S3XY Mug: 600 Credits
  • Gen 3 Wall Connector: 8,000 Credits
  • Model 3 Roof Rack: 7,500 Credits
  • Model X Cargo Net: 1,025 Credits

Elon Musk: This Cybertruck could be better at turning than Model Y

Several shocking things can be mentioned about the Cybertruck. Its looks are unlike anything on the road today, and its properties remain set to dominate the electric pickup arena. In true Tesla style, the Cybertruck’s performance is no laughing matter either. But according to an existing comment from CEO Elon Musk, the Cybertruck is also going to have some pretty amazing turning radius.

Musk’s existing comment was posted on Twitter in response to a video clip showing current Cybertruck sightings. In his reply, the CEO commented that the monumental all-electric steel pickup may be better at cornering than the best-selling Tesla Model Y crossover.

Bearing in mind the size difference between the Tesla Model Y and the Cybertruck, Musk’s testimony is quite shocking. The Model Y, after all, is 187 inches long, while the Cybertruck is expected to be a whopping 231 inches long. However, since Elon Musk tends to be quite bullish on his estimates of Tesla vehicles, his comment on the turning radius of the Cybertruck might be correct.

This is because the Tesla Cybertruck, despite its large size, has rear-wheel steering. This feature has already been seen on prototypes of the hauler in recent months, and expectations are high that the functionality will make its way to the production version of the truck. With rear-wheel steer, the turning radius of the Cybertruck is going to be quite malleable.

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