Tesla’s autopilot has the ability to pass the green light. Tesla also breaks records

Tesla’s autopilot has the ability to pass the green light. Tesla also breaks records

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Anyone who follows the news in the world of cars knows that Tesla is a leader in the automotive segment. In addition to an automotive company, it also makes North American energy storage.

It has the autonomy to develop, produce, and sell high-performance electric cars. It also sells electrical components to large companies such as Daimler and Toyota, components such as lithium-ion batteries for construction companies.

And for technology lovers and expect to see increasingly technological and resourceful cars, the powerful Tesla has developed a technology in its cars that can pass green traffic lights.

This Autopilot update brings a lot of comfort for drivers. This technology was called “Traffic light control and stop signal”. This incredible resource is being gradually put in place by the company, but it aims to always be applied to the whole world.

Tesla has already developed something similar to this technology this year, its cars could pass a green light as long as they were following another one.

With the update, this incredible feature had some modifications. The requirement that the car must have a “guide vehicle” has been lifted. The user has some confirmation to make so that the autopilot works correctly in a few moments.

Tesla says that, initially, drivers need to confirm this attitude of the vehicle when it is actually stopped at a red light, or when the system is in doubt as to whether it is completely safe to move forward with the car.

In these situations, when the traffic light turns green, it will be necessary to press the accelerator or make a movement with the transmission to send the information to the autopilot.

Increasingly Autonomous Vehicles

With each launch that is made by Tesla, its cars become increasingly autonomous, taking control of a good part of situations where it would be the driver’s responsibility.

One of these launches was when their cars changed lanes automatically, it was necessary as well as the autopilot function that advances the green light, the pilot’s constancy.

However, as the autopilot uses Marching Learning, as features become autonomous.

In addition to the requirement to need the diligence to advance the green light, it is necessary to be in a straight line. Tesla mentions that the car is still unable to cross automatically after passing the green light.

As with all newly implemented technology, great care and caution are required when using it, especially when it comes to the safety of several passengers.

This is very important for drivers to gain confidence in what they are doing. As previously said, in technology for lanes changing, it needed information. Right after collecting user data, the feature was enhanced to depend on you alone.

The company points out that not all situations can be crossed. Therefore, it is very important that drivers always observe all normal traffic conditions and always select control of the car.

That’s when you can think about how far these amazing cars can do themselves. These “cars of the future” are increasingly present in our reality.

But the novelty does not end there about the autopilot, soon there will be more news about it. Elon Musk, says that another important update for Autopilot is coming and that the technology will advance very soon.

Tesla model S plaid becomes the fastest vehicle

The great and renowned Lucid Motors with its high technology managed to pass the powerful Tesla, however, the company of the CEO Elon Musk managed to overtake its competitor and recover the position.

The pilot who carried out tests on the Tesla Model S model with its three powerful electric motors made a video publication in which he is in control of the car to reach a record on the return of Laguna Seca.

Sebastian Vittel does not fit the Formula 1 driver profile. He used the Tesla Model S Plaid model to beat the 1:33 mark made by another driver aboard the Lucid Air electric sedan in early September.

That time was a record made of electric cars of high was broken by the then pilot Vittel, in the time of 1:30,3.

This only shows that over time Tesla is expanding not only in the area of ​​technology, but also leaving marks in history with its innovations in other areas.

Because of this phenomenal moment of glory when breaking records, there were clubs that Tesla modified components of the Model S Plaid to break the record.

The pilot explained that the only altered component was the seat so that he had more security in that situation of great risks. The tires were the same, the same ones were used that the series model will be launched.

“Michelin Sport Cup 2 with specific gum, which will be available when the car is launched. Very similar to the Cup 2 R tire,” said Vittel.

Musk believes that the Model S Plaid still manages to further improve that number. There is an expectation that there will be at least a three-second reduction in that time after doing final maintenance at the beginning of production.

A long awaited car

It is expected that by the end of 2021, customers will already be commercialized. Which generates great expectations of how the great technologies will be expected in this car.

Check out some confirmed specs for the Tesla Model S Plaid

  • Trimotor;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • Wheels with autonomy of 836 km;
  • Maximum speed of 320 km / h;
  • Less than two seconds to go from 0 to 96 km / h.
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