The CHERRY MX 10.0 N RGB Keyboard

The CHERRY MX 10.0 N RGB Keyboard

By julianapardogonzalez

Hi there! It is me, again… and today we are going to talk about mechanics keyboards, especially about a review of the Cherry MX 10.0 N RGB. 

Mechanical keyboard  

For those who do not know, a mechanical keyboard is one in which each key has a switch with a mechanical system that actuates it. When the key is pressed, the part inside the switch moves and thus completes the “lock” where the letter of the keyboard is registered. 

The Cherry MX 10.0 N RGB 

Being a thinner mechanical keyboard than most, with an all-black aluminum chassis, it gives an appearance that would look right at home in a modern office environment.  

However, the moment you decide to turn on the per-key RGB lighting and the Cherry MX 10.0 N RGB starts to look much more like what it is: a premium mechanical keyboard well suited for marathon typing or gaming sessions. With features like low-profile Cherry MX switches, anti-ghosting, and N-key rollover, this is one of the best mechanical keyboards you can buy right now. However, there are some potential downsides to this keyboard that you should be aware of if you are considering buying one. 

  • Design: Simple but Durable 

Each key rests atop one of CHERRY’s original MX Low-Profile Speed switches. Also, this board feels familiar and does not go out of its way to highlight any fancy features. So, what makes this keyboard worth more than a basic off-brand option? 

  • An Advanced Keyboard for All Uses 

  1. It is built. Though it may look basic, the MX 10.0 N is composed of a metal backing that keeps every switch safe and secure.  
  2. The keycaps are flat, barely adding any height to the board; from the bottom of the metal base to the top of the keys is about 0.75-inches, which is drastically shorter than the 1.5-inch height of Keychron Q8’s. 
  3. It is extremely easy to clean. CHERRY opted for a flat build with no recess for the day’s dirt and grime to fall into, which meant a quick sweep of a desktop vacuum usually will be the trick.  
  • Mechanical Switches Without the Click 

The heart and most icon of the MX 10.0 N is its tactile, Low-Profile Speed switches. And the special switches are high-quality and very responsive. 

But sadly, it is the few callable, because the lack of any resistance led to more accidental keystrokes. It also does not help that the keys are mostly flat, so it is easy to slip and mistype. And, to cap it all, unfortunately, there is no customizing the switches, as they are soldered to the printed circuit board. If you are a fan to play around with a couple of keyswitches for different feels, this CHERRY board takes away a key feature. 

On the other hand, these are something is that are callable, what it is appreciate was the addition of anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, a combination that allows multiple key inputs to be read individually while limiting the instances of “phantom” keystrokes. 

Should You Buy the CHERRY MX 10.0 N RGB Keyboard? 

From some users, they found the board to be much better for office work than gaming. The near-flat buttons and lack of resistance wound up costing them. 

Outside the silent switches and easy-to-clean case, there is nothing entirely standout about the CHERRY MX 10.0 N RGB Keyboard. I wish there were just a few more customization options in CHERRY UTILITY and that the physical profile was a little higher. 

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