The Murena One is Pure Android or Pure Google?

The Murena One is Pure Android or Pure Google?

By IsraeliPanda


An Android telephone without Google. No Google applications, no Google Play Services, no energetic Google Assistant. No Google observation and information sneaking around, no unending promotion focusing on, no inclination like security is a silly activity. A few organizations, as Huawei, have been compelled to sort out some way to construct this sort of gadget. A couple of others have pursued for keeping up with your security and as a method for retaliating against the oppression of Big Tech. None of it has at any point truly worked.


The group at Murena has been chipping away at de-Googling Android telephones throughout the previous few years, beginning back in 2017 when Gael Duval made a working framework he initially called Eelo.  He said he needed to fabricate something similarly comparable to other Android programming, less all the reconnaissance. “Something engaging, with ensures for more protection. Something that we could work in a sensible measure of time, something that will get endlessly better over the long haul.”

The working framework, presently called/e/OS, has been accessible on a couple of gadgets for some time, yet presently the item is probably good to go: Murena is delivering what it calls “/e/OS V1,” alongside the organization’s very first cell phone, the $369 Murena One.

As a first equipment exertion, it’s sensibly great: a smooth chunk of glass with a 6.5-inch show, an eight-center MediaTek processor, a finger impression peruser as an afterthought, and three cameras in a little mound on the back. The photography specs are great, as well, including a 48-megapixel primary sensor on the back and a 25-megapixel pinhole camera on the front for selfies. The camera was the one spot Murena appears to have gone a little overboard here, which COO Alexis Noetinger expresses was by need.

We’ll need to test them both more before we can convey a full decision, however in my restricted testing, the two of them appear to be good cameras yet a long ways from what’d you’d expect on a new Google, Apple or Samsung telephone.

To free its gadget of each and every conceivable remainder of Google, Murena needed to assemble a mind boggling measure of stuff. The/e/OS programming accompanies: a specially crafted informing application, so you needn’t bother with Google Messages; a program to supplant Chrome; a guides application that utilizes OpenStreetMap information rather than Google’s; an email client, a schedule, a document stockpiling framework, a contacts application, and basically all the other things you’d get in the Google Workspace suite; applications for notes and undertakings and music and even voice accounts. Murena is in any event, arranging its own remote helper, named Elivia, so you won’t miss Google Assistant.

Murena assembled cloud back closes for the overwhelming majority of those administrations, as well, so you can browse your email in the/e/OS email application yet in addition utilize your/e/email address rather than one closure in All your web-based benefits live in Murena Cloud rather than on Google or Microsoft administrations. Somewhat, all you’re truly doing here is trading one concentrated supplier for another, however Murena says every one of its items are planned with similar enemy of reconnaissance security standards as its cell phones.

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