The New Xbox Game Pass Free Video Games Coming in March 2022

The New Xbox Game Pass Free Video Games Coming in March 2022

By Alex Balaniuc

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March is on its way, and with it a series of free Xbox Game Pass video games. Microsoft is yet to make an official announcement about all the games that will be coming to Xbox for Game Pass subscribers, an announcement that should come in a few days. But fear not, because we already know the names of some of the games that will be available in March: 5 games, to be exact. Let’s find out what’s on the menu, shall we?

Here are the 5 free Xbox Game Pass video games confirmed for March 2022

The confirmed free games for Xbox Game Pass coming in March of this year are all day-one releases. Here they are in order of release:

– FAR: Changing Tides (March 1)

– Shredders (March 17)

– A Memoir Blue (March 24)

– Crusader Kings 3 (March 29)

– Weird West (March 31)

FAR: Changing Tides (Okomotive)

Sequel of FAR: Lone Sails, a game that’s considered to be one of the best indie video games of the last few years. In this new iteration, FAR will abandon the desert landscape: the game will now take the player to a mysterious ocean setting to be explored far and wide. Embark on an unforgettable journey, during which you’ll “Dive into unknown depths on the hunt for fuel and salvage, devise innovative solutions to overcome intricate obstacles, and unearth forgotten relics lost to time” (

Shredders (FoamPunch, I-Illusions, Let It Roll)

Initially scheduled for February 2022, Shredders is a new snowboarding game: we hope it’ll be ready for release this time around. Leap into the air with your snowboard, feel the adrenaline rush while performing your favorite tricks, and become king (or queen) of the mountain!

A Memoir Blue (Cloisters Interactive)

Another new game on the indie scene, A Memoir Blue tells the turbulent story of swimming champion Miriam. The game dives into the mother-daughter dynamic, with a special focus on the protagonist’s troubled childhood years.

Crusader Kings 3 (Paradox Development Studio)

Crusader Kings 3 is the third installment of the popular strategy, wargame saga for PC. At last, the game is coming to console for the first time — on Xbox Series X and PS5, that is. Crusader Kings enthusiasts can finally experience their beloved game like never before. It is undoubtedly a critically acclaimed saga, with numerous awards and expansion packs under its belt.

Weird West (WolfEye Studios, Raphaël Colantonio)

And here’s the last entry on the Xbox Game Pass list of March: the action RPG with sim elements Weird West. Try to stay alive while at the American frontier, that is being guarded by fantastical creatures, and reveal the hidden secrets of Weird West!

These are only some of the free games that are scheduled to drop next month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Microsoft could very well add other new games to the list, although there’s always the possibility of delays. We’ll see what will happen between the end of February and the beginning of March. For now, all we can do is wait.


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