TikTok vs Reddit: You Won’t Believe How Similar Their Video Content Is!

TikTok vs Reddit: You Won’t Believe How Similar Their Video Content Is!

By dayannastefanny

Reddit, the popular forum network, is introducing a new feature to stay competitive with TikTok’s short video format. Available on iOS, the feature allows users to access a stream of short videos produced by TikTok creators.

Users can interact with the videos through voting, upvoting, commenting, and sharing. The platform also recently acquired Dubsmash, a TikTok competitor, and plans to integrate its technology into the platform. With over 1 billion views in January 2020 and a market value of $10 billion, Reddit continues to evolve and grow.

What is Reddit?

Reddit’s developers are constantly evolving the platform and may have added or be considering new features that are similar to other popular applications. Keeping in mind that Reddit is a unique and very community-centric platform.

The developers of Reddit will likely tailor how users interact and share content on the platform with any new features that they add. Ultimately, the best way to stay on top of new Reddit features and updates is to follow the platform’s official announcements or read news from trusted online sources.

Reddit Introduces New Short Video Feature for iOS Users

Reddit wants to stay competitive despite TikTok being the most downloaded app worldwide in 2020, so they are not copying one of the main features of the Chinese app. That’s why Reddit has introduced a new feature in its version for iOS-equipped cell phones to access short video streams.

According to TechCrunch, iOS users should already see a button in the app to the right of the search bar; entering it will display a series of videos produced by TikTok. In this new section of Reddit, short videos have the name of the author/creator of the video, and subreddits (about the topic of the audio video), and users can interact by voting, upvoting, commenting, and commenting.

It’s worth noting that, like TikTok, users who enjoy the new Reddit feature will be able to jump from one video to another and play more videos related to Reddit subreddits. The interface is not new, as it is the same interface that the app has been using since the beginning of this year when a user enters the video of a post.

However, the section to discover recommended videos is a novelty. The date when the update will be open to all users has not yet been disclosed. However, they explained that they started implementing it at the beginning of July and currently most iOS devices have this feature.

Major Changes in Design Aimed at Making the Platform More Accessible to New Users

“Over the course of the past year, our goal was to create a unified video player and redesign the player interface to match what users (new and old) expect when it comes to an in-app video player, especially commenting, viewing, engaging and discovering new content and communities through videos,” the network spokesperson said.

Another change worth noting is that text, links, and images are all part of a single post (the page has been redesigned to create new posts). Also included is the endless scrolling featured in such famous expansions as RES. The new design is already available to one Reddit user and they promise to increase that number in the coming months. As we can see, these are major changes aimed at making the platform more accessible to new users. In any case, we see that they refuse to lose their essence.

Recognition over time

The most popular forum network acquired the rights to TikTok’s main competitor, Dubsmash, last December. Facebook and Snapchat have shown interest in the platform that reached 1 billion views in January 2020. Although the terms of the deals have not been disclosed.

While a Reddit spokesperson announced that they will add their latest acquisition technology to the platform, they clarified that it is not for this new feature and the network’s investment this year, the company reached a market value of $10 billion, almost double the $6 billion it was trading at in February 2020.

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