Tips to Solve Overheating Issue in Smartphones

Tips to Solve Overheating Issue in Smartphones

By germana

Smartphones are one of the most important accessories for the current generation. People spend unlimited hours scrolling these tiny screens to explore the world in their hands. Yeah! These small gadgets connect us to the world with their interactive features. The software developers these days have designed a variety of apps that we can download on smartphones to make our routines much easier. It is possible to pay bills on the go, watch movies, communicate with friends via chats, and many more.�

We are always excited to capture memorable moments in the form of images or videos and our android device is always the best companion to handle all these needs. Whenever we move out on a holiday tour with friends, the most important accessory for each one in the group use to be the phone. But with the excessive usage and lots of applications installed on these handheld gadgets, they keep on suffering from overheating issues.�

How to solve the overheating issues on your Smartphone?

In general, the phone gets hot as per the surrounding environment; the chances of overheating increase when you spend a full day at the beachside. However, few other reasons for excessive overheating include complete meltdown, forced shutdown and battery drainage. If you are facing the same issue with your android phone, it is high time to find ways to solve this trouble. Overheating is harmful to your phone and your health as well because it leads to harmful issues.�

Below we have highlighted a few tips to help you solve the overheating problem on android device:


  • Avoid direct sunlight:


The best thing you can do to save your phone from overheating is protected from direct sunlight. This tip is more important for those who spend more time outdoors. These gadgets are capable enough to capture light from sun rays and retain it for a longer time. This heat makes your phone overheated, and they may even start releasing harmful radiations in the surroundings.�


  • Turn off unused apps:


You may have hundreds of apps on a smartphone but not all of them are in use every time. Still, very few of us are aware that these apps keep on running on background and they overload the tiny processor of your smartphone. It is important to turn off all such an unused app so that your phone needs not to work harder to complete its normal operations. This solution works for both android and iPhones as well.�


  • Maintain lower brightness levels:


It may be a very basic tip, but many people are not aware of the fact that using your smartphone on maximum brightness levels may pose a huge load on its processor. At the same time, it is harmful to your eyes as well. It is good to turn the brightness to a lower level; you can also use anti-glare cover to cover your device. This simple, low-cost solution can help you see things clearly on your device screen without making it overheated.�

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