What is Displate and why we like it so much!

What is Displate and why we like it so much!

By germana

For poster lovers there is a new digital solution ready to revolutionize the sector so loved by young and old. The name is Displate, the portal designed specifically for the creation of posters of all types, completely exclusive and designed to be unique. An essential element ready to give an even more personal impression to the most beloved rooms of the house, with the possibility of satisfying the tastes and needs of even the most demanding audience. On the official website there are several of those that can be considered real works of art, divided into different categories to make even more convenient navigation for users. Posters with characteristic metallic material are divided into classes such as Passions, Nature and Travel and Culture, further grouped into even more specific macro categories. Ready to revolutionize the market, the Displates have already entered the hearts of many enthusiasts and lovers of the sector. 

What is a Displate

Let’s forget about the old paper posters subject to all kinds of damage, Displete is a whole other story. We talk about a metal poster created to be unique and to tell the personal passions of each customer. The canvas used has been designed to endure over time and can be hung using a magnet, which guarantees a perfect wall attachment and without holes. Works of art in all respects that can be achieved thanks to the various partnerships undertaken by the company with brands such as Marvel, DC, cyberpunk and many other names in particular in the field of gaming and comics. All for a total of over 1.5 million works of art that can be viewed on the platform, capable of gathering more than 5 million visitors every month. Once you have chosen the Displate that best suits your style, you can also set its size, choose between glossy or opaque model and even add a frame that allows you to highlight the subject.

Technology for quality and for the environment

The customization options are undoubtedly the strong point of Displate, a name that thanks to a 3D patented technology at the forefront always manages to satisfy the demands of the target audience. An audience that has gone completely on fire and that has given way to an incredible hunt for Displete for compositions of all kinds, ready to give a revolutionary touch wherever they are placed. All with an advantage also in favor of the environment since for each product sold by the platform will be planted a tree in the places where it is most needed. The platform collaborates with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future that not only fights for a more sustainable world but helps generate jobs and combat poverty in some of the richest places on earth. Buying a Displate will then have a work of excellent workmanship and unique of its kind and at the same time will contribute to a change that we all hope will involve every community as soon as possible.

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