WhatsApp tricks to block a contact

WhatsApp tricks to block a contact

By dayannastefanny

Among the many messaging services available, WhatsApp is the most popular in Spain. The Facebook application stands out for being regularly updated with new features such as the possibility of writing voice notes, although there are some tips that will allow you to get the most out of it.

One of the unknown tips that users may not use often is the one that offers the possibility to hide conflicts without entering the conversation, which will end up leaving them unconfirmed and is an excellent solution to prevent people you do not want to talk to from sending you messages.

The little-known trick that allows users to block any contact from the application without having to open a conversation and put them on view, the trick is even more important when you read the confirmation because when the person sends you a message and you open it without replying, you know he saw it. It is important to note that, unlike others, you do not need to download another application to perform this trick because it uses the functionality of WhatsApp.

What allows you to block WhatsApp?

The classic method to stop receiving messages from a contact within the application is to open the individual chat with that person, tap the ‘More options’ icon and hit ‘Block’, and, if desired, ‘Report’. However, there is another way to perform this action without having to open a conversation. To do this, you must have the latest version of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. Once updated, just open the application, go to ‘Settings’ (on Google OS phones it is represented by three vertical dots) and select ‘Account’, and then ‘Privacy’.

In this section, you only must look for the option ‘Blocked’ in which a list will appear with those who have been previously blocked. To include a new one, just click on ‘Add new…’, look for the person you want to include in this section among the cell phone contacts, and confirm the action.

How to block a contact in WhatsApp?

  1. Open WhatsApp and search in the contact list for the one you want to block.
  2. Click on the contact of the chosen person and it will show us all the information: mobile number, status, multimedia shared with, him and, in the last place, the option to block appears.
  3. When we click on ‘Block’, WhatsApp will ask us to confirm that we want to block that person and will warn us that he/she will not be able to call us or send us messages.

Unblock a contact

With this simple trick, you can block any annoying contact without having to enter their conversation. In case you add a person to the list unintentionally, you can always unblock them. To do this you have to follow a few steps like those of the trick.

In WhatsApp, you must open ‘Settings’ and access ‘Account’ to click on ‘Blocked’. At that point, you just need to tap on the name of the contact you want to remove from the list and select ‘Unblock’. You will now be able to exchange messages and calls with that person again, although you will not receive everything that the contact has sent you while blocked. Alternatively, you can also search for the blocked contact, press, and hold them, and then tap ‘Unblock’. It is important to note that WhatsApp also lets you block an unknown phone number, although to do so you must enter the conversation. In addition, blocking someone does not cause that person’s data to be deleted from the WhatsApp contact list or from the phone’s address book.

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