Old WhatsApp status? Here’s how to see it

Old WhatsApp status? Here’s how to see it

By auroraoddi

Do you want to review your WhatsApp statuses? Do you want to review a status you had posted but now it has been deleted as 24 hours have passed. Or you shared a status content but forgot to save it and no longer know how to get it back. Syrus’ guide allows you to find your old WhatsApp statuses to view them the moment you can no longer find them.

Beware, however: past WhatsApp statuses cannot be recovered at will. However, there are solutions that you can use to save the statuses that have not yet expired or that might allow you to retrieve the viewed statuses within 24 hours, even if they are currently no longer available on WhatsApp. So if you want to find out how to see old WhatsApp statuses, all you need to do is follow this guide.

View old WhatsApp status

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you cannot view WhatsApp statuses after 24 hours have passed. Also on Facebook and Instagram we have the possibility to post stories that last 24 hours, but unlike WhatsApp, both social networks have an archive where you can review the content posted by you. However all is not lost, there are in fact solutions that allow you to save your WhatsApp statuses so that you do not lose them.

A very simple solution is to contact the person who shared the status you are interested in and ask them to share it with you so that you can save it. But the advice we give you is to act in advance. When you view a status that interests you, you can take a screenshot or perform a screen recording so that you can save it to your gallery. But let’s see now how to do it specifically on both Android and iPhone.

View old WhatsApp status on Android

Once a WhatsApp status is viewed, it is saved in an easy-to-access folder. In fact, finding it is very simple:

  • Start the file manager you use on your device.
  • Now select the internal memory or SD card, if necessary, turn on hidden items view
  • Press WhatsApp
  • Select Media
  • Finally tap on .Statuses, here you will find the temporary states you want to recover. You can copy them to another folder or save them to your computer

Please note, however, that the easiest solution is to take a screenshot or make a screen recording of the status you want to save before the time expires, which is 24 hours.

View old WhatsApp status on iPhone

On iPhone, unlike Android, you cannot view WhatsApp statuses that have expired. However, we can remind you how to take a screenshot or screen recording on your iPhone. The operation is very simple. If you have an iPhone with Face ID press right side button and volume up. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone with Home button press Home button and Power button. Screen recording is an even simpler operation. On the Home screen, drag up the screen and press the button with the REC symbol, when you are done perform the same operation. You can find both screenshots and screen recordings made on your gallery.


We hope you found this guide helpful in viewing old WhatsApp statuses. As we said, it’s not always possible to access old content so we again advise you to act in advance so you don’t miss any shares.

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