8 Tips for Working From Home


Over time, the importance of work from home is increasing. Employers have started hiring freelancers so that they can avoid costs like hiring, office costs, allowances, leaves, etc.

Work from home or freelancing is beneficial for both, companies as well as employees. By providing work from home jobs, companies bear low costs and employees/freelancers have a flexible schedule for working. With work from home, you are free to work as per your schedule. You are not forced to work from 9 to 5. This is the main reason why more and more people have�started working from home.

Though working from home allows great flexibility to the schedule, sometimes focusing on work can be difficult when you work from home. It’s like your personal life and professional life gets mixed. If you are working from home and want to maintain productivity throughout the day, here are the tips for you:

1. Get Dressed

The mistake most of the work from home people make is they don’t get dressed properly while working. Now, you don’t need to dress as professionally as you would dress at the company. Being well-dressed will help you keep your personal and professional life separate. Doing so would also feel you more confident.

2. Have a daily to-do list

Don’t start working without having that daily work to-do list. This is the best and effective way to enhance your productivity while working. If the type of work doesn’t allow you to create a daily to-do list, you can create the list for 2-3 days or even a weekly to-do list. The objective is to set a goal and achieve that on time. For creating a to-do list, you can make use of any mobile application, web browser extension, or even the simple Notepad.

3. Keep Clearly Defined Working Hours

You must be very clear about when you should be working and when you should be playing or doing other activities. Another mistake people often make when they work from home is they are not clear about their working hours. Just you have got flexibility with your work life, it doesn’t mean you don’t make a schedule for your working hours. Having a clear idea about the working hours helps to boost your productivity level and helps to achieve your work goals faster.

4. Have a dedicated workspace

This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to working from home. People often mess up between work-life and personal life when it comes to working from home. Having a dedicated workspace or home office will not just help you boost your productivity & work faster, but it will also give you time for your personal life (family, friends, etc.). In short, you need to create a work-friendly environment at your home.

5. Don’t get distracted

One of the biggest problems when working from home is a distraction. This can be more challenging when you are not used to working from home. Tackling that distraction while working and focusing on your work is very important. The distraction could be anything, it could be kids, pets, notifications from social media, etc. To get the most out of work from home, you must figure out the way to minimize those distractions. Here, it doesn’t mean you should not take breaks during the work. You can take small breaks in between the work.

6. Discover your high productivity periods

Every employee/freelancer has different high productivity periods. Some people are productive in the morning, while some are productive during the evenings. If you are working from home, you have to discover your own high productivity period. Knowing your productive period in the day will help you create your work schedule.

7. Eat healthy food

The downside of working from home is you have full access to the kitchen. Instead of eating snacks, chips, or pizzas during the break or lunch, start eating healthy. Eating healthy has a direct relation to the productivity level of the person. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help you boost your overall work productivity and can help you achieve your daily to-do list goals.

8. Avoid Social Media

Social media wastes so much of your time every day. Maintaining work discipline and focus can be easy when you are at the office, but it gets challenging when you are at home. To minimize the usage of social media, you can turn off social media notifications and also install an app that sets the daily limit for using different social media apps.


So these are some of the effective tips for work from home. If you work from home and facing difficulty with productivity, you can implement the above-listed tips in your life.