Xbox and Black Friday

Xbox and Black Friday

By julianapardogonzalez

The winter is are the festivities and the first one to be celebrated will be Thanksgiving Day following by the Black Friday. And, what does it mean, Black Friday? Is it a celebration? When was created? To many questions! 

Let start at the beginning:  

What does it mean, Black Friday? 

Some people might say it is a consumer ritual that repeats itself every year. 

While for others, it is the day that kicks off the holiday shopping season with significant sales in many retail stores and department stores. It is celebrated one day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, that means, it is celebrated the day after the fourth Thursday of the month of November. 

Is it a celebration? 

Well… If you search on a dictionary, the meaning of celebration which is: “a special enjoyable event that people organize because something pleasant has happened or because it is someone’s birthday or anniversary” we could say that yes, in most countries in the world we celebrated. Because we can have discounts for Christmas gifts! 

When was created? 

Mm, dear me, we have had a good question! While I research for this article, I found that even the Americans’ no are sure when was created this word. So, I will give you 2 answers. The first one it is a theory a myth already discarded it and the second one it is the one that has more sense. I let to you choose the best version. 

One of the first theories that spread, and that today is totally discarded, is the one that affirms that this day has a slave origin. This false information maintained that the black slave traders lowered their prices on Thanksgiving Day in preparation for winter. Obviously, there is no data or document that confirms this hypothesis. 

And here is the theory that for me has more sense: Philadelphia collapsed on a Friday after Thanksgiving around the 50s as an avalanche of people arrived to do their Christmas shopping and attend an Army-Navy football game the next day. Police dubbed the day “Black Friday”. 

However, Black Friday did not become widespread and popular until several years later. Exactly this happened in 1966. 

You may be wondering, and what does all this information have to do with Xbox?  My dear reader, have to do with everything! Because I am going to show you some of the discounts.

Microsoft with Xbox for this Thanksgiving Day.  

The first thing that you must know is the discounts will start from November 14th to December 4th. Although, these dates could change depending on your country, sadly. 

To the PC games you can find things like Scarlet Nexus Ultimate Edition for a price of 24,99 euro and you save 75,00 euro because without diminution is around 99,99 euros. 

  • PAC 3D MAN PRO: Now is 0,99 euro and you save 29,00 euro. 
  • Halo: Infinite + Game Pass: You save 35,00 euro. 
  • OUTRIDERS + Game Pass: You save 27,50 euro. 
  • Marvel’s Avengers + Game Pass: Save 40,00 euro. 

And you have around 270 articles to see.  

Now for the Xbox games you can find things like NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER for a price of 6,99 euro and you save 62,99 euro because without diminution is around 69,98 euros. 

  • DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2: Now is 10,49 euro and you save 59,49 euro. 
  • Digimon Survive: Is 34,99 euro and you save 15,00 euro. 
  • Little Nightmares Complete Edition: Is now for 7,49 euro has 75% discount. 
  • Little Nightmares II: 9,89 euro has 67% discount. 
  • MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 Deluxe Edition: 21,24 euro has 75% discount. 

Be focus and do not lose these opportunities to have new games or gifts for your loved ones. 

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