Tips for Business on Black Friday

Tips for Business on Black Friday

By camilaforero

We are already very close to the most important shopping days of the year, and looking at last year’s results, merchants on Shopify during Black Friday and Cyber Monday had more than $6 billion in sales during these days.

Let’s see some tips that can work for you during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons and also for the Christmas season that is about to begin.

Make gifting easy

With this example given by the founder and executive director, Sara Panton of the Vitruvi store, she mentions that “It’s really just about making it easy for the consumer.”

It is very important to capitalize on the attractiveness of the products during the holiday season, you can use a grouping of products on your website, as well as selecting some gift guides that may be interesting for your customers, making it very easy to find the products on your website. virtual store since they are organized in a strategic way that allows your client to observe all the suggestions that you have for them. For example, Vitruvi’s exclusive essential oil diffusers and humidifiers, and they make a great gift for anyone who wants to use them in their home.

“You’ll see on our website an easy-to-navigate marketplace with different bundles of products for different themes of gift giving. And we also work strategically with our retail partners to make sure the assortment is our best-in-class to help with velocity and sell-through,” Sara mentioned.

Start planning early

For this tip we have the example of ButcherBox, a company dedicated to providing a subscription delivery service for meat and seafood, likewise, they do surveillance to make sure that their farmers are raising enough turkeys long before November arrives to have them ready for Thanksgiving.

“One of the most successful campaigns that we do, which actually starts before Black Friday Cyber Monday, is. a promotion to, start a subscription and get a free turkey,” said the founder and CEO Mike Salguero.

Taking into account that the company must be ready for the promotions of the year, for Thanksgiving they have to plan everything before November, and in the same way December for March or April, which makes planning the key to success above all for these high volume sales periods.

Give your loyal customers extra discounts and access

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is a great opportunity for customers who have already purchased before to come back and have promotions during these seasonal events, for example, we can see on the Loop Earplugs website that they have different promotions, with discounts of 20 % to 30% sitewide and for customers who have purchased before there are more promotions available. “Last year, we gave early access to our community and a higher discount that nobody else could get,” mentioned Dimitri O, also announcing that this year they will also implement this strategy 48 hours before Black Friday.

Data obtained from Shopify 2021 Black Friday Cyber Monday.

With over $6.3 billion in sales worldwide, 47 million shoppers from Shopify across different online stores, an average cart price of $100.70, and a peak sales per minute of $3.1 million.

Manage customer expectations and questions

It is very important to keep up with compliance as a late delivery could ruin your relationship with a new customer or an old customer and change your shopping experience, this is even more important during times of promotions like the ones that are about to happen. According to Dimitri, it is very important to also be aware of customer service, to be able to answer any question or ticket in a quick moment.

“We try to manage expectations as good as we can with our customers by announcing some potential delay[s] in shipment dates,” Dimitri said.

Remind your customers of the sale

Here we can find an example with Baronfig and its CEO and co-founder Joey Cofone, this is an e-commerce company that sells tools such as pens, notebooks, backpacks, among other similar products, and we can see that their Black Friday promotions last for a week complete, and shows us that you should not be afraid of sending emails to customers to expand promotions.

They also use phrases like ’24 hours left’ or ‘ends tonight’, with the purpose of reminding customers that promotions may end soon. “When we start our Black Friday deal on Monday, we’ll let everyone know throughout the week. We’ll be repeating it on social media, and then on Black Friday,” Joey mentioned.

Preparing emails may seem difficult, however, it can be done and they as a company have prior preparation, saying that they prepare emails 11 months in advance. “The heaviest lifting that is required is by me on Friday, because we don’t come to work, so that Friday I show up on my computer, wherever I am, check the A/B test results for the emails, choose the best one, and then I’m off enjoying my weekend again.” Joey said too.