11 Italian Crowdfunding Campaigns that Surpassed 1 Million

11 Italian Crowdfunding Campaigns that Surpassed 1 Million

By auroraoddi

11 Startup Success Stories

Crowdfunding has proven to be a powerful resource for Italian startups, enabling them to fund ambitious and innovative projects. In this article, we will explore in detail 11 Italian crowdfunding campaigns that have exceeded 1 million euros, showing how investor enthusiasm has contributed to the success of these emerging companies.

1. Fin-Novia: e-Novia’s Summary of Opportunities

One of the most successful Italian crowdfunding campaigns was conducted by Fin-Novia, part of the e-Novia network, a company that serves as a “venture factory.” Fin-Novia adopted an equity crowdfunding strategy, raising €7,615,250 from 236 subscribers. These funds helped strengthen e-Novia’s capital, demonstrating the potential of this financing model for innovative businesses.

2. SixthContinent: Sharing the Benefits of Online Purchasing

SixthContinent is an example of an Italian startup that has revolutionized online purchasing through crowdfunding. The campaign on 200Crowd raised a remarkable €3,300,000, ten times the initial goal. SixthContinent’s profit-sharing platform allows users to earn credits through online purchases and actions, turning companies’ advertising budgets into consumer benefits.

3. StartupItalia: The Success of Digital Information

StartupItalia, a former media company, demonstrated the power of crowdfunding as a source of funding. The campaign on Mamacrowd exceeded expectations, raising €2,660,449, far beyond the minimum goal. This success highlights the growing role of digital information and investors’ interest in innovations in the field.

4. Mysecretcase: An Online Store for Women’s Unique Needs

Mysecretcase raised a remarkable €2.5 million through a crowdfunding campaign. This startup opened an online store dedicated to women’s pleasure, recognizing the need for a personalized offering for each individual. Mysecretcase‘s success reflects the growing focus on personalization in e-commerce.

5. Glass to Power: The Solar Energy Revolution.

Glass to Power‘s innovative technology has attracted the attention of 549 investors, bringing its crowdfunding campaign on crowdfundme to a value of €2,433,750. This Milan-based startup has developed the Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC) concept, turning windows into transparent solar panels. The technology converts sunlight into electricity, offering revolutionary potential for solar energy.

6. Soisy: Simplified Installment Payments.

Soisy has focused on simplifying digital loans, offering an innovative installment payment system for online purchases. The second crowdfunding campaign on 200Crowd raised €2,179,600, demonstrating investor interest in innovative financial solutions.

7. Green Energy Storage: Scalability in Renewable Energy.

Green Energy Storage is an innovative startup that has developed an organic storage system for renewable energy. With 615 investments, the campaign on Mamacrowd raised €2,150,697, far exceeding the initial goal. This success underscores the ability of startups to achieve scalability more quickly than competitors, reducing the time it takes to develop and commercialize an innovative product.

8. Winelivery: The Rapid Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages.

Winelivery ran a crowdfunding campaign on crowdfundme, raising €1,764,373 from 769 investors. This startup offers home delivery of wines, beers and spirits, ensuring that the product arrives at the ideal temperature to be consumed immediately. Winelivery’s success highlights the demand for quick delivery services and the growing preference for online purchase of alcoholic beverages.

9. Green Energy Sharing: Facilitated Access to Renewable Energy.

Green Energy Sharing focused on simplified access to renewable energy investments through a crowdfunding campaign on Opstart. The campaign raised €1,021,440, exceeding the minimum goal of €60,000 by more than 1,700 percent. Investors have the opportunity to share in the profits generated by renewable energy production, demonstrating the growing interest in sustainable investments.

10. Arco FC: The Charging Revolution for Electric Vehicles.

Arco FC, with €1,000,000 raised by 361 investors on Crowdfundme, has patented a revolutionary technology for electric vehicles. This technology offers a range of 1,000 km and recharging in just 3 minutes, solving one of the main obstacles of electric cars: charging time.

11. EpiCura: Revolutionizing the Italian Healthcare Sector.

EpiCura, through a crowdfunding campaign on MamaCrowd, raised €999,999, almost double the minimum goal of €450,000. This startup is changing the Italian healthcare landscape with a digital outpatient clinic, improving the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services.


These 11 successful Italian crowdfunding campaigns illustrate the potential of Italian startups in the field of entrepreneurial innovation. Each campaign reflects a unique solution and has proven to be able to attract significant support from investors. These successes indicate that Italy is poised to thrive in the startup ecosystem, contributing to the country’s innovation and economic growth.

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