5 benefits of Microsoft Outlook email for entrepreneurs

5 benefits of Microsoft Outlook email for entrepreneurs

By Valentina Tuta

When running a business, one of the most important aspects is image. You know that as human beings, one of our first instincts is to judge what we see. Therefore, perception is key, and the validity of your business depends on more factors than you think.

For example, have you ever thought about how people perceive your business when you hand them a business card and your email address ends in If so, it might be time to look at Microsoft Outlook email

These are 5 reasons to use Outlook as your business email

Imagine that you contacted a company that you were thinking of making a purchase from and suddenly received an email that ended with something that was not their domain. In this situation, what would you assume about that company? Wouldn’t you think it was just spam? These perceptions would shape the view you have of that company in a negative way.

But if that’s not reason enough to believe that Microsoft 365 can help you improve the perception of your company, here are five more reasons to consider using Microsoft Outlook email. Let ‘s get started.

1. It’s scalable and grows with your business

For starters, GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform that combines productivity tools and corporate email in a single solution. Moreover, beyond being a powerful all-in-one solution, Microsoft 365 is indeed the standard in the business world.

The most important detail, though, is that Microsoft 365 has the ability to scale as your business grows. 

Living the life of a solopreneur? A single email address can help you do it all. Thinking of hiring some additional employees? Individual email boxes can be added or deleted at any time. As you know, when talking about today’s fast-moving business climate, flexibility is key, and Microsoft 365 is there to help you at any stage of your business journey.

2. Work remotely anytime, anywhere

In the last couple of years, the business field has had to evolve in many ways, and that includes working remotely by necessity. Therefore, having email and documents available from anywhere is a must for remote work.

Therefore, having email and documents available from anywhere is a must for remote work.

So, with Outlook, you have the ability to instantly access your email from multiple devices. Likewise, mail is sent to your devices as soon as it arrives on the server, allowing you to receive those must-have emails immediately. But it’s not just about email, as Microsoft 365 also synchronizes your contacts, calendars and tasks. So they are always at hand.

Beyond email, the Business Professional level of Microsoft 365 through GoDaddy includes the full Office suite for up to five devices. This means that any Office document is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere thanks to its seamless integration with OneDrive, Microsoft 365’s secure cloud storage service.

And because your documents exist in the cloud, you can collaborate with other users in real time, giving your business the flexibility needed for the on-the-go business environment.

3. Your tech stays up-to-date

Technology and compliance rules continue to innovate and evolve at breakneck speeds. However, the problem with this rapid innovation is that you seem to blink and suddenly you’re out of date.

If you decide to invest in the Microsoft 365 Business Professional plan through GoDaddy, not only do you get credibility while establishing the professionalism that comes with having domain-based email, but you also get the latest version of Microsoft’s software.

And if that wasn’t enough, as soon as a new version comes out, it will automatically update on all your devices. Yes, it’s as simple as that. However, it’s not just the software that needs to be kept up to date. The laws surrounding privacy and compliance are also changing rapidly.

For example, if your business involves medical records, you may require your mail services to be HIPAA compliant. But don’t worry, as Microsoft mail offers this functionality without a learning curve. 

Additionally, Microsoft 365 HIPAA-compliant email works just like regular email, so all of the security features run seamlessly in the background.

4. Technology continues to evolve

Microsoft is a company that always pays attention to its corporate and small business owners. Hence, as technology and business needs evolve, Microsoft adds and enhances its offerings with Microsoft 365.

So if in your case you need a simple way for your customers to schedule an appointment with you on your website and automatically sync those appointments with your calendar? Microsoft Bookings does exactly that.

But this is not enough. While efficient communication with customers is an obvious need, inter-office productivity is important as well. What tools do you use to back up information and access it on the go? OneDrive allows you to back up everything, and it can be used on both computers and mobile devices.

Plus, Microsoft makes things even easier, so when you access an Office document on your OneDrive, it will open in your browser without you having to download the file. So you see, productivity doesn’t need to start and end with a computer. With Microsoft 365, you can be efficient anywhere.

5. A safe and secure email experience

Today, it is very common to hear of organizations being hacked. In fact, more than 50% of the security incidents faced by businesses in the last year were due to business email compromises.

But again, this is no problem for Microsoft Outlook email, which provides a secure email environment for businesses, whether they are remote or in the office.

Since most security incidents are related to users being tricked into giving out their passwords, having multifactor authentication is important to keep an enterprise secure.

Likewise, because these types of attacks generally originate from phishing emails, Microsoft Outlook email also offers robust spam filtering settings by default, with additional options available to allow businesses to fully customize spam filtering to meet their needs.


As we said in the beginning, perception is important in the organizational world, and if you have powerful, state-of-the-art anti-spam tools, your business will undoubtedly remain secure. 

And the best part is that now that you know all the benefits of Microsoft Outlook email, there is no reason to keep using that free email address.

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