7 Mind-Blowing Things You Can Do on Apple Watch Without an iPhone!

7 Mind-Blowing Things You Can Do on Apple Watch Without an iPhone!

By auroraoddi

What Can You Do With an Apple Watch Without an iPhone?

Stay Connected with Wi-Fi Calling

It’s been a few years since the first smartwatches, connected watches that connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth technology, have been released. The most famous of these is certainly the Apple Watch, the reference device in this field. Do you own one? Then I recommend you continue reading this guide, because I will show you everything you can do with it and, above all, how you can make a call without necessarily having your iPhone nearby.

How to Make a Call With an Apple Watch Without an iPhone

When your phone is off or not present nearby, you can take advantage of Wi-Fi calls. To do this, it is important that your Apple Watch is within the range of a Wi-Fi network to which you have previously connected your iPhone. First of all, to enable this function, you must do this step from your phone:

  • Unlock your iPhone;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Tap on Phone;
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling;
  • Now activate Wi-Fi Calling on this iPhone and Wi-Fi Calling for other devices.

In this way, you can make and receive calls with the Apple Watch associated with your iPhone. To call, proceed as follows:

  • Unlock your Apple Watch;
  • Tap on Phone;
  • Choose the contact in the address book and select the symbol associated with the call;
  • Click on the phone number or FaceTime address and you’re done!

What else can you do with an Apple Watch without an iPhone?

But that’s not all. In fact, in addition to making Wi-Fi calls, it is possible to perform many other functions without your iPhone at hand. In fact, with Apple Watch you can:

  • Play music, podcasts and audiobooks;
  • Record and listen to voice memos;
  • If you have to go to school or university, know that you can also use your smartwatch for transport cards and student ID
  • Control the clock, but also set alarms, timers and stopwatches;
  • View photos from a synchronized album;
  • Make purchases, taking advantage of the Apple Pay features;
  • Check your physical condition before, during and after a workout (with Apple Watch you can monitor physical activity, heart rate, modify sleep times, measure the level of oxygen in the blood, control menstrual cycles and measure the level of sound in the environment around you).


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