Adobe Firefly is Using an Innovative Generative AI

Adobe Firefly is Using an Innovative Generative AI

By eduardogaitancortez

Adobe has finally entered the field of generative AI (artificial intelligence) with the launch of Firefly. That is, an image generator that it unveiled at the Adobe Summit 2023. Its executives described as an innovative generative AI (artificial intelligence) family. With a package of generative artificial intelligence services for marketing and sales, which they have called Sensei GenAI.

What about AI

Adobe took the opportunity to launch Adobe Express Enterprise. The first of two early tools Adobe has developed to take advantage of Firefly. It deals with creating images from a request made by its users via script, returning an image generated by the request. Therefore, it works the same way as DALL-E or Midjourney. The second tool creates artistic letters with different styles.

For now, Firefly is in the testing phase and can only be accessed through a dedicated website. But before long, once the testing phase is over, the company plans to integrate its generative AI (artificial intelligence) tools into its suite of building apps. That includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere, among others. Photoshop will have drawings caused by artificial intelligence. Illustrator will be able to create vector variations from hand-drawn sketches. Premiere will allow you to change the color of an image, or its style, simply by providing it with another image.

Of course, these are just some of the examples of what Adobe tools will allow when they include Firefly. The company went on to clarify what kind of data and images they used to put their models into practice. According to them, everything provided to their models is either not copyrighted, was licensed to train them, or came from the Adobe Stock library.


In the latter case, the rights to the images in your possession allow Adobe to use them in this and other cases. This is to say that they have not used artists’ works in violation of their creators’ rights. The AI (artificial intelligence) tools created under the Firefly umbrella remain designed to be easier to use than those of other companies. For this reason, they have included in the generator the ability to choose artistic styles, lighting and interaction with aspects.

In addition, it will be possible to apply the effects to an existing image, instead of having to produce a new one every time you want to update the impact. It will also be possible to increase the customization possibilities. The writing impact will also have built-in possibilities for the extent of the impact, as well as the background color.

Adobe plans to add features to Photoshop with the addition of Firefly that can be discussed. The company wants to allow artists to practice with the system so that it can help them in generating visual content according to the artist’s personal style. Of course, for now, since the feature has the potential to be used for unclear purposes, they are still considering how to handle and solve problems that might arise in this regard..


They also continue to work on a system that does not allow training and allows artists to embed the appeal in the metadata of an image. This may result in external training systems not using it. It is not yet known whether any Adobe partners have agreed to stick with this “no training” system, and for now the company is in negotiations with other modelers. A Creative Cloud account is not required to access the trial of either of the first Firefly tools. Although Adobe will specify the number of people who can access the trial.

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